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Picture Post!

OK. I have been nattering on and on and ON about the notebooks I am working I decided I should probably show y'all what I mean.

Let's start with Science, since that's what started this...this...obsession of mine. (Not really an obsession - his grades are UP since I bought these from Knowledge Box Central.) Again - this is a PURCHASED set - I didn't set it up. (Worth every penny, too!)

The set also includes notebook pages for the "On Your Own" questions in our book, and Lab Reports. I didn't show those, because Himself's penmanship is...lacking. I'm working on it... You can see that there's little books of various types that you cut out, assemble, fill in, and paste down to the page. (This page is from the chapter we just finished, on geology.)

Moving on....History. Don't be harsh - I'm putting these together myself; I'm trying to use stuff already set up, but there's not a lot out there for our particular text book. :sigh: So..History is sort of a mish-mash.

I set up the book on the left; the one on the Right (Greek City-States) was found on the web., but it doesn't show Ionia, and we didn't talk about some of the ones it has. Ah, well.....

Here I lifted one of the flaps - Himself wrote a brief (VERY brief!) synopsis/definition. We're working on *that*, too - but he aced the test, so I guess it's working.

This is another page - you can see that some people get really creative with their books. Mine? Are the simple shape/flap/fan books. I am now adding graphics...but I'm still in the minor leagues when it comes to this. :shrug:

One of our maps - I bought the complete set from Knowledge Quest. WORTH every penny - the sets include a completed map as well as the student, blackline ones. The completed ones I print and put in a "master" map book; the kids get the ones relating to the current section.

We're also doing paper models that go along with the subject:

(Please ignore the dust - Himself set this up yesterday. He snagged the table out of the weaving room, but didn't wipe it down or anything. :sigh:) This is the set of "7 Wonders of the Ancient World" (of which we have 6. Oh, well....). I have a master list of the models I've downloaded; as we get to a new Chapter, I'm going over the list to see if I have anything that fits. Monday, we did a model of a Roman Villa, since he's studying the Roman Empire. I also have some models for Science - but Kenzie ate the ones we've done. :bad dog:

Right now, I'm filing each completed chapter in their 3-ring binder; eventually I'll re-punch them with the Pro-Click and make a comb-bound book for them. It'll include the notebook pages, the maps, photos of the paper models, and any extra pages we do (actual notebook pages, for example - the kind where there's nothing but kid writing). That way, they'll have a permanent record of what they studied in History and Science....and maybe Art. (I'm on the fence there - I have a bunch of note/lapbooks for Art Appreciation...but I don't know that we'll do them. The coloring pages, for sure...but we'll see about the mini-books/etc. I tend to go overboard, and I don't want them to burn out on this.)

Anyway - we purchased ALL the Science sets. Yes, it was kinda expensive....but. It takes me a good 10 hours to set up each chapter of the History text (from scratch, that is. Seriously - I'm working on Chapter 10 right now. 2 hours just to OUTLINE the chapter, so I know what I need to be sure to cover. I've already spent 3 hours scouring the web for ideas.....SG told me to just buy a kit on Ancient India and China, because there's not a lot out there already set up. That's *5* hours I've spent, and....all I have is an outline and some clip-art. :sigh:) - if you assume $10/hour (which is reasonable; I make $30/hour on the contract stuff at work. I think my salary figured out to be $20/hour - but have no clue what it is now. :shrug: Figure $10/hour) - I'm at $50 for Chapter 10, and I have basically nothing. For $12, I got a set on Ancient India - yes, I'll have to tweak it, and make some stuff to fill in the gaps, but *most* of it's done. For another $12, China is almost done - $24 total, compared to what? $100 of my time for the previous Chapter? (Chapter 9 I did ALL on my own. (except for 2 pages I bought) :sigh: And I'm not sure I've covered everything - but NOBODY does the Byzantine Empire! (The set I bought? I could only use 2 pages....but. Some of the pages we'll cover in a future chapter - our book doesn't go necessarily year by year. This particular chapter began with the fall of Rome and ran to the start of the Middle Ages...Chapter 10 backtracks to Ancient India and China and runs them to the same time. Fun stuff...))

Yes, it's a lot of work...but I was spending 3 - 4 hours doing a basic outline with questions for them to answer. AND he wasn't retaining all the info. So......:sigh: At least I'm learning, too - and having fun. (Honestly, it IS fun to set this stuff up, it's just time-consuming. It would probably go faster if I weren't so anal about it - everything must be neatly typed (a lot of people just cut out the books and have the kids write everything.....I can't do that.) AND it must be saved on the Mac so I can print the chapters off again for Herself. I'm also saving all of them - you never know when you'll need to use it again.

So, now you know what I've been spending my time on. Himself is on Chapter 7; I'm trying to get the rest of the book DONE so that I can sit back and just print off what we need. I have a LOT of stuff for Book 2 - when I finish Book 1 I'll go ahead and start organizing the files for it. That'll make next year run a lot smoother....and be less of a headache. :nods:
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