Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. We go out to milk, just like every morning. Himself is in charge of admissions; I putter around getting the machine set up, making sure that all the stands have grain, and getting the cleaning buckets ready to fill. (He also fills the lambar - and it takes him that long to do so.) Anyway.

We get the first "flight" milked out. I give some loves to Annie, Zorra, and Inara, then cut 'em loose so I can dump the milk and get ready for Rosa. He gets the goats where they're supposed to be, and lets the 3 kids out, too. No biggie - the 2 doelings head straight for the lamb bar; Trouble bounces into the milk room and up on one of the empty stands.

Now, I've just wiped and stripped Rosa. I'm *right* next to the stand Trouble is on. I don't think anything of it - I move over so I can "shoo" him out of the room......only, HE had other ideas.

Apparently, he's made the connection between "udder" and "milk"....and, well, I'm female, and am....well, I'm not ample, but I have boobs. (Let's just cut to the chase here, right?) He HEAD BUTTED me in the right boob, then bit me for good measure. :OUCH!:

He got booted off the stand and out of the room for that - and I wasn't gentle (well, neither was he!). I now have even MORE sympathy for those does that we let dam-raise....because that? HURT.

I have an interesting bruise coming up.....glad I hadn't scheduled my annual yet, because explaining this to my Gyn would be......interesting. (And the annual mammo would be even more painful!)

Yes, it's funny - but I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

In other news, we did extra school yesterday. I had found a new Grammar unit that I wanted to do with both kids - to prove that I've fulfilled that part of the requirements, with both. Both kids suggested that instead, we watch "SchoolHouse Rock" that's how we spent the afternoon. :lol: (No, it doesn't replace the unit...but it was fun!)
Tags: goats, homeschool

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