Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Same ol', same ol'...

Posts will be more random for a while - we have the combo Birthday (Herself turned 14 Monday)/Father's Day shin-dig Sunday, and we've been cleaning like fools to try and get ready. I'm plugging along, trying to get the History Book done.....Ch. 12 ended up with, like, 42 elements - and I KNOW I skipped some stuff/lumped it in with others, because DAMN, it's a big chapter. Ch. 13 is worse - it takes us from Feudalism to the Renaissance in Europe, focusing on Germany, Italy, and England.

Only, not as in-depth as I'd like. :sigh: I was able to find some kid-friendly books by Eva March Tappan that - luckily! - cover these events; "In the days of William the Conqueror", "In the Days of Alfred the Great", etc. and the kids know that they WILL be reading them. (Not sure how good they are; I'll be pre-reading them, of course, but on a quick glance they look OK. They were free, which is a HUGE factor right now. :nods:)

We super-shocked the dickens out of the pool last night, and hey-lookie, it's Clear, and Bright, and PERFECT this AM. I TOLD SG it was the lack of chlorine.....he now believes me. He's going to take the cell in tomorrow - it's under warranty, and we'll get it replaced. Good thing, as Sunday is a POOL party!

We've integrated Scratch into our school-day; MWF will be our "computer" classes. TTh, we'll be adding Art and Music Appreciation.....I'd like to get into a firm routine so that everything runs smoothly.

There's really not much else to talk about - I've been straining, trying to come up with something. I don't know that I can keep up a 6-day a week posting schedule...we'll see. It's not that we're too busy, it's that we're so BORING. :lol: (Unless you want to read about Himself's adventures in Portal 2......that's what I have him narrating to me right now. ANYTHING to get past the block that he has about writing - it seems to be working. So far....)
Tags: blather, homeschool

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