Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

You know I couldn't keep quiet for long....

:lol: We got the Calliope magazines today - they're from Cobblestone, the same publisher that put out the American History mags I got last week (or so). I......they're cool. But. They're......

I've flipped thru 3 of them so far. Whereas I was immediately sucked into the Am. History mags (called "Cobblestone", funnily enough - guess that was the first magazine they came out with), I just can't get into these. The facts are there, the writing is at the same level as the others....but....I......I'm just not impressed for some reason.

Maybe it's because I put them into chronological-by-subject order, and these first 3 all talk about the ancient gods and whatnot that's turning me off? (Although I *love* Greek myths, so I'm not sure *why* that issue left me bored). :sigh:

I'm still going to put them with the World History stuff, and have the kids read 'em when they get to that particular time period.....but...I dunno that I want to subscribe to it. (Which is why I hit eBay first for a lot, so I could get a feel for them.) Cobblestone, now...maybe. The science one...well, I have to get a lot of them, first...:lol:

Himself got stung by 3 wasps this afternoon, so I've been all aflutter. *I* am highly allergic, and so I assume everyone else is, too. He's doing OK - the one on his elbow doesn't bother him at all, the 2 on the back of his knee are only bothersome when he moves the joint a lot.
Tags: blather, homeschool

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