Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

For The Record -

I LOVE my husband. LOVE him. He's wonderful! (Annoying sometimes, but still a wonderful guy!)

I've been looking at antique violins - I think I mentioned that. (No, he didn't. :grin:) Watching prices, to see what was going on. *I* knew that IF I was to go ahead and get another violin, I had to have a dollar amount in I wanted to see what the market was like. I figured it'd be a buyer's market, what with the current depression and all.....

So I've been watching 4. 2 German, 1 Italian, and 1 French. The Italian is just for grins - the seller states that he "reserves the right to cancel the sale at any time, due to the nature of these transactions". WHA? If you list something with NO reserve and a $0.99 opening bid, you should be willing to accept whatever price you get, no? Anyway.....The 2 Germans had sound files, and they were meh, the French didn't but had a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee, the Italian - well, I mentioned it. I REALLY liked the French one - the seller hit all my buttons with his description ("dripping with all the rich, dark, velvety tones a violin can have" being the biggie :lol:)

The French one went for OVER $1250. The 2 Germans likewise. The Italian...I dunno, as it's still running. That' *I* think that's too high, but whatever. SG told me not to worry...and then he made me an offer - he'd buy me a new violin if I'd "give" him mine. All righty, then......but, there's nothing out there I want - or am willing to pay for - at the moment.

So today, we're running around. On the way home, he just happens to stop at a violin shop.....I don't think this was premeditated. I really don't. But they had 4 instruments in "my" price range. 1 a 10 year old German, 1 a new Hungarian, and 2 new Chinese.

The Chinese instruments were immediately off the list - I don't like them. Yes, they are making semi-decent instruments now, but *I* won't have one. The Hungarian...was nice, but.....not as nice as mine. The German?

Came home with us. It's deep, it's dark, it's mellow. A full range of over- and under-tones. Mature sounding, without being "flat". The sound under my ear was yummy...and it sounds just as good when someone else is playing it.

AND - it was the least expensive in the store. :nods:

No, I wasn't planning on coming home with anything.....but....well, it was there, and I was seduced. :grin: And...I think it sounds better than my old one. Not that I'll tell SG that...he's QUITE pleased with the deal. He now has a *real* violin (his old one? A new Chinese one. It's ok, but has a 1-dimensional voice, and *I* can't stand it. It'll do for the kids to learn on - it's not bad - new one is better. :lol:)

Off to noodle around again!
Tags: music

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