Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Hot, Hot, Hot

It's hotter than...well, Hell out there. 100* at 11:45 clouds. Very little breeze, so the heat just sits and smothers you. Our pastures look like something in the desert - sand, with NO grass; just a bunch of wee mesquite trees and scrub weeds. :sigh: And it's only July. :bigger sigh:

Major battle yesterday with Herself over her Science test. Won't go into it - but it wasn't pretty. She chose her hill, and she died on it - I can out-stubborn a 14-year old. :sigh:

Weird dreams lately - when I do sleep. Bad stuff happening all over....but we're OK. I hope it's true...because the stuff in my dreams is BAD. (Which....IS coming. No question.)

Watched Dawn Treader was OK. Good, if you didn't know what was *supposed* to happen; they changed a LOT from the book. Some of it was good....most, wasn't. Typical, right? :grin:

New violin has a sweet, round tone. It'll get even better the more it's played...or I could do a cheat. See, on any instrument with a sound board (ie, harp, violin, viola, etc), the vibrations of playing it cause it to "open up" and reach it's full potential. This usually takes YEARS of playing......a harpist told me a secret to speed that up. With a small instrument (violin/viola), put them in a sound booth (I use the entertainment center), put on classical music, and let 'er rip. (The shelf with our CD player/boom box is large enough for a full-size violin to sit in front of the player). For a larger instrument (like, say, my floor harp), you put it near the TV or radio (IF you play the radio a lot, that is), and, again, let 'er rip. The vibrations work the same as playing it, and the instrument will reach it's full potential a lot faster.

It works on ANY stringed instrument; the results depend on the quality of said instrument. The cheap import violins won't sound like a Strad, of course, but it WILL help them. (I have proof - 3 crap-instruments that don't sound so...well, cheap.) (And....I have those 3 up for sale. Need to get 'em on CL pretty soon....2 of them aren't horrid. The 3rd....will probably end up as firewood. :sigh:)

Not much going on - we're all trying to stay cool. Kinda hard in 100+ temps, but....we're trying. :sigh:
Tags: blather, music

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