Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Some Links! for you!

So, I've been gathering links again. Some of them are similar to stuff I've already shared...but these? These are *gold*!

First up, let's see what sort of Math textbooks are out there, OK? :lol: This is the page for Jr. High math; go to the Parent Directory to see what else they have. (A lot!) Algebra and Geometery, with 1 Analyt set, too. Primary Math.

ALL 3 sites include the Teacher's book as well as the Student Text. The books are from the '60s, I think, and they look like good, solid math books. I don't know that we'll be using them, but hey - I downloaded the upper levels anyway. :lol: Knowledge is never wasted, after all! (I would have grabbed the elementary ones too, but we're almost out of that level. So.....I decided to not use the space. I...might go back. :lol:) Take a Cloud Walk e-book. I actually printed this one out yesterday - it looks fantastic! They have other books, too, but I don't think they're free. A bunch of other free e-books. I haven't gone thru all of them yet, but they look good.

The site above also has a lot of other freebies - it's related to Dynamic2Moms (I've linked to them before). LOTS of good educational stuff, for a lot of ages.

I don't know how many of you have budding violinists out there, but I have found a TON of sites with free sheet music, etudes, and finger/hand exercises. I wasn't impressed when I saw the site name, but he's got a LOT of good links. LOTS of good stuff here. I grabbed all the Technique exercises (to try and bring my hand back) and some of the etudes - I already have a bunch of etude books, so don't really need a lot more of them. A complete book of etudes.....this site had quite a few things to download.

I need to do some digging for piano stuff, but this will do for now. Oh! I also want to say that if you have a kid that wants to learn violin, but you don't play - it's not that hard. (Yeah, I know.....bear with me!) IF you can read music (treble is all you need!) YOU can teach them the basics. There's a lot of sites out there - violin online and fiddlerman, for example, that give you the basics. If you prefer books, you can't go wrong with the Mueller-Rousch books. Old-school, yes, and they give you a SOLID foundation.

Goats are telling me that they are about to die, they are SO STARVED and if we don't milk them like, now, they will explode and we'll have milk splattered everywhere, so I guess we need to head out. :lol: (Goats are silly!)
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