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Blather and Pictures

Yesterday was spent putzing around on my MacBook. I must announce that I was SUCCESSFUL - yes, Homeschool Tracker Basic is ON MY MAC, and IT RUNS, and *I* did it. How? Simple - *I* followed directions. :nods: I love my husband, he's in IT and very good at what he does - on Windoz - but, like most men, he doesn't like to ask for or follow directions. :snerk:

Me? I had printed out 14 pages of directions I found online (titled, appropriately enough, "How to run Homeschool Tracker on Mac using Wine" :lol:), and handed them to him. Yesterday, I pulled them off of his desk (where he tossed them) and slowly worked my way thru them.

It took about 4 hours all total (all day for me, because I had to restart one of the processes. Norton didn't like it - the Firewall wouldn't let it get something it needed online). Still, I perservered and voila! I can use Basic!

Granted, it won't print :sigh:, but I am working on that. I may even download the $5 trial of Plus and see if that fixes the problem.....AFTER my dentist visit. :eek:

While the Mac was chugging along, I hauled my sewing machine out and got to work. I now have 3 new snoods - and (kinda crappy) photos. Hearth - these are for you!:

Here's the original one - I got it off of eBay from Devorah.

It's made out of a silky poly-type fiber, with nylon lace for the trim/ties. It's pretty, looks nice on:

(You get a sheep for a model - I couldn't get a decent photo of my head that didn't show the bathroom. :lol:)

And that's the problem - it's TOO pretty for "work". So....I got to work. I don't have a pattern; I turned this one inside-out, pulled it straight (it has elastic along the seam to give it a pretty shape) and reverse-engineered it. Here's my prototype cut out:

You can see that it's basically a quilter's fat quarter, folded in half. The fold is the middle of the snood; the seam creates the "pocket" that your hair goes in. (A note: This is MORE than adequate for my fine, thin hair. When it was almost hip-length 11 years ago, my bun was only about 1" in diameter. VERY fine, thin hair. If your hair is thicker, you'll need more fabric. The width needs to be roughly the measurement of *your* earlobe to earlobe, across the top of the head. The ties are about 8" long; so the trim needs to be approximately 16" + your measurement.)

Here's a side view of the prototype, sans elastic:

It's not as "pretty" as the original - the elastic makes a difference. We did run to the Dollar Store to grab some 1/4" elastic last night; I didn't get any photos, but mine now all look like the original. You don't need much for each one - secure the end, then stretch the elastic as you sew it down. I think I used 13" for each one.

This is the "School Teacher" one:

SG wants me to buy some fabric with schoolhouses/buses/apples/etc on it for School. We'll see.....I kinda like my teddy-bear pilgrims! :lol:

I didn't get any photos of the 3rd one - because I was wearing it and didn't think. :lol: It fits well, stays on without bobby pins, and holds my hair off of my face. It survived milking-time (which is *great*) and didn't get any weird looks when we ran to the store. I'm well pleased with myself - they turned out well. I need to stop myself though - now I'm on a kick and want to make a snood to match every outfit I own! (Not gonna happen. I want 1 in blue cotton, for "everyday" wear - it'll go with everything. That way I can "grab and go" if I don't care to be arsed about doing my hair. :lol:)

So. The plans for the day are: Milk. Go to dentist. Come home to nurse my tooth. I'm going to try to download the trial version of Plus..but we'll see. I'm still forging ahead with planning - I'm getting stuff ready as though HST won't install....just in case.

Oh! Homeschool Freebie of the day offered 2 spelling books this week, and both were still available this AM. The one from Tuesday is for primary - 8th grade (and it's kinda wimpy); yesterday's is pretty good and for High School.
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