Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

That's not a GOOD sound....

Um. So. About midnight last night, we heard this loud.."woosh' sound, the dogs went SG went out on the back porch to see what they were barking at. I don't have words...

Our pool Exploded. 13,000 gallons of water went whooshing out the side, knocking the Kubota (!) about 5' to the side, moving the pallet full of shingles INTO the Kubota's front-end loader, knocking the push mower out of the way, and flooding the drive down - almost to the barn.

We need to call the insurance agent - I know the tractor is covered, and I *think* the pool will be, too (I know we got a lot of extra coverage, because of all the stuff we own..I'm hoping the pool is considered personal property, or structure, even.) I will be going out in a bit to get pictures - it's a mangled mess.

Anyway......on to the post I WANTED to write last night (ummm....before bed. :lol:)

I spent most of yesterday making a new wall-hanging. It's not quite done - it still needs to be backed and quilted, but I don't have batting right now - but I'm pleased with it. Especially since I do NOT sew well, and I had to wing 2 of the blocks.

It's a "School" themed hanging. I figured that, since I am doing a "school hat", I should probably have a school hanging to replace my old sheepie one (our kitchen has this...dead area in between the MB door and the bay window. When we moved here, I thought it would be cool to have a quilted hanging for each holiday. No, I don't know what I was thinking - but the kids' granny is a devout quilter, and had been trying to get me into it for *years*. I made 3 hangings - 1 "pumpkin patch" for Halloween, 1 Turkey one for Thanksgiving, and my sheepie one for every day. The turkeys pushed me over the edge; 4 cute gobblers with more tail feathers than I can count. :shudder: I have patterns for St. Pat's day (shamrocks;another one is a pretty celtic knot), Valentine's, Flag day - and a back-to-school one. The turkey also taught me that I do, actually, suck at sewing, and hand-sewing drives me batty. Ah, well...)

I took the apple block from the back to school one, and made 3 apples (red, yellow, green). I found a schoolhouse I liked better online, and did that....then cobbled together a pencil and the first 2 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-bet. It's....OK. It's not gonna win any prizes, and there are a *bunch* of mistakes, but *I* like it; SG thinks it looks good, and that's good enough for me. (Pictures when it's done. If you wanna see examples of my wall-hangings, go to my website (it's on my side-bar) and go to hobbies, and quilting. I think I posted all of them's been awhile. :lol:)

Today, I'll be making 1 more. (I figured, I have the machine out, and the fabric, why not?) I've been wanting something more "Sabbath"-y, so...I found a GORGEOUS Star-of-David wallhanging that I fell in love with. It's....more complicated, but when have I ever let that stop me? I have fabric that'll work, and it'll look nice when it's done. I also need to make some placemats (again, I have the fabric - so let's do it NOW. Can't swim, so might as well do something useful.)

And....SG found me a Mac-native lesson plan program. Planbook. It's....simple; all it does is lesson plans, but 5 minutes in and I have the entire year set up (all subjects on their respective days), and it took maybe another 5 to put in the first week's details. So....I'll be finishing out the first 6 weeks either today or tomorrow. I like it - I can print a report for me with both kids on it, and a report for each kid that has only their assignments on it. I don't like that that's all it is - assignments -'ll work. We'll find a simple gradebook and run with it. (I know, I don't NEED to keep grades.'ll help me see that the kid is *learning*, it'll help the kid see how they're doing, and.....some of the local businesses offer free stuff for good report cards. Why should my kids miss out? :wink:)

Gotta go milk and take some photos. :sigh:
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