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First day of school....


Previous Entry First day of school.... Jul. 31st, 2011 @ 11:06 am Next Entry
yeah, I know we "officially" start tomorrow....but I have to go to the office. So...the kids decided to do tomorrow's work *today*, and have tomorrow as a "free day". Works for me!

They had a blast at Granny's. Herself made 4 shirts for herself (think scrub-shirts. They're nice!), and a nice whack of coasters for me. Himself made me a necklace and earring set (llama necklace and sheepie earrings. Love 'em!) Herself *also* made a LOVELY celtic knot windchime - Papaw cut the glass, she did *all* the soldering! It's nice - you can tell a beginner made it, but I don't care - it's pretty, it's green, and it's hanging in the arch over the front door.

On the way home, we stopped at the Ft Worth Arboretum, and bought a family membership. We can go to both Dallas and Ft Worth on the same ticket, for a year. Nice! Ft Worth has a Japanese Garden that is GORGEOUS (but hot right now!); we'll be heading back when we hit Ancient Japan in a few chapters. :nods: Next up - Museum memberships. We'll be doing those as well.

We also hit Borders.....this one wasn't having as good of a sale as the other 2 we've helped close. :sigh: Still...I got some *more* books.....I can't resist books. Knowledge is good!

So, school.....Today took 2.5 hours of "seat work", which is what I was aiming for. The only subject that was independent was Math (well, and History - but they both read their assignments in tandem, so....:grin:) Herself SUCKS at Math - we are definately going to have to backtrack for her. :sigh: Tuesday will run longer, as we have Music lessons and Hebrew - so, about 3.5 hours there.

I have a gradebook program.....both kids are aware that this year, grades count. I am going to grade for attitude and class participation as well as for work done correctly and tests/reviews. Himself is OK with that - but then, I don't have problems with him. Herself was grumpy but quickly corrected herself - the hat was a hit. (SG was home, which was NOT a hit...he's a lot harsher than I am. I let minor stuff slide...he doesn't. So....school goes better when he's not here. When he went into the bedroom and "disappeared", things went really well.) We're going to get a bell for signalling the start - and finish - of the school day. Hey - whatever works! The kids are also helping me set up the daily routine.....so, I'm pleased with how it went today.

Off to do "real" work now......
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