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Day 1 of NTIF is down.....Day 2 to go. I am beat!

It was busybusybusy. Very steady stream of folks - but not many stopped to chat this year. I mean, I'm used to being surrounded by curious people asking really stupid questions (quick - what does a *spinning wheel* do? Why, Weave, of course! Or Knit! Not spin yarn - that's too obvious!) Today - I had maybe 10 people.

The running joke in the clan area was that I had on the wrong bodice. It seems that today was hooker day, and I didn't get that memo. Seriously - I don't think these women even glanced at a was scary. The 40-ish woman in 6" spike ankle boots, no hose/tights/socks, and plaid skirt so short I could see butt cheeks (the consensus was that she was probably wearing a thong, but no one wanted to get close enough to verify it). The "girl" in the underbust bodice......with what looked like size F cleavage...that almost fell out of her chemise at one point in front of our tent. The midi bodice (it looked horrid) with NO chemise on a slightly tubby female - stomach cleavage and back cleavage is just gross. And Wrong. *sigh*

Me? I was in my nice, modest Wylde Dogs leather bodice - it's not too low cut, it fits nicely, it looks decent - with a lace trimmed long-sleeved chemise, burgundy overskirt, lace-trimmed underskirt, and St. Pat's Day bloomers. Even displaying my bloomers didn't attract a crowd....I think I'll wear my Clan McBuffet ones tomorrow (black with large neon orange, neon pink, and dayglow purple flamingos). Maybe that'll get folks over to chat.

Tomorrow I'll be in similar garb - my black dragon bodice (cut slightly lower, but still not indecent).....probably a green chemise/overskirt and my in-the-drier-now lace-trimmed underskirt. Or that's what I'm thinking.

Baby is fine - he wore his halter for a good 10 minutes tonight. I've got some good Gaelic names...but I need to get some phrases translated. You know "Dumb butt*!" and "Stupid head" and "No! Stop that you idiot!"...since I know from experience I'll be saying that a *lot* as he gets older. *g*

*I gave up cussing for Lent. It's not going too well right now.
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