Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

We're breaking records

left and right here....records I could do withOUT breaking. Day 5 of record-breaking heat. Day 36? 38? of the "over 100 days"...the record for *that* is 42 days. I could do withOUT breaking it...but you know? We're so close, what the hell - break it, then go for rain. :sigh: (And long range forecasts have us breaking it...the "cool" wave isn't supposed to hit until next weekend - cool being relative. I'm sorry, but 99* is NOT cool, it's just not 100+.

School is going well. Not as much mumbling...yet. Latin looks to be fun - "Getting Started With Latin" is easy; 1 word per lesson. We did 3 yesterday (we do Latin 1 day/week), yeah. I've already got our next 2 levels in curriculum; "Minimus" and "Minimus Secondus" for the next level (it's a cute comic-book style set, using actual people from early Britain. The kids looked it over today, and are kinda excited. :grin:) After that, we move up to "real" Latin - Wheelock's. College-level...but I think we'll be ready for it by that point. I've got flashcards for both sets already downloaded; I've printed off the ones for GSWL.

Herself asked if we could learn Morse Code........I said "Of Course!", but I need to research it. And, I told her it'd be a bit; I want to make sure our routine is solid before adding something else.

Our "Social Skills" class went over like a lead balloon. :sigh: We're still gonna do it - but both kids are NOT enthused. Ah, well - they'll get over it. :grin:

SG bought us memberships to the Arboretum and the Museums with his bonus. I'm looking forward to using them - Genghis Khan is in town, and I wanna go!! I printed off the educator's handouts this AM, and will do them before we go (maybe next weekend! :bounce:) He also is going to get us a Family membership to the new Legoland - it's a surprise, but I KNOW at least 1 kid here will be excited. Hey, it's something to do, it's INDOORS, which is a HUGE thing right now, and it looks like fun.

I'm pluggin along in the Galations book......I'm not sure where the author is going with it, but he's made me mad a few times - he inserts personal assumptions, which one should NOT do with Scripture. :sigh:

Oh - the TC books aren't available yet. I've been haunting the site, waiting for them to go live..but nada. I've emailed them.....impatient? Me???? :lol:
Tags: blather, homeschool

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