Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I stabbed myself with scissors today....

and I'm blaming Hearthwench. It's HER fault, you see - she's been posting pictures of skirts and child-dresses she's made. I've tried to avoid it - I haven't even left comments, because if I do, I have to admit to myself that I wanna be able to do that! :heh: Yes, I have an inner "Becky Home-ecky" that wants to be able to sew pretty things (thanks, Hearth! LOVE the name!) I haven't even visited her other blog, because I KNOW that'll push me over the edge.

I've tried to appease it - that's why I banged out the 2 wall hangings a couple of weeks ago. That's why I spent today painstakingly piecing together Sabbath placemats, v.2.0 (the first set...well, were a horrific failure. All 4 of them came out wonky, mis-sized, and...well, I wanted better for the Sabbath table. We stopped at the quilt store Saturday and picked up NEW fabric for a set - and they turned out BEAUTIFUL. I just need to quilt 'em up and bind them and they're ready to use.) In the middle of piecing mat #2, my scissors fell, I grabbed for them, and stabbed myself in the process. Stab wounds..bleed. A lot. :shudder:

Herself isn't helping - she got a machine from Granny for her birthday, and made 5 shirts while over there. She's an Expert, now.....and keeps telling me that SHE'LL be happy to make me whatever I want....only, *I* want to make them! :pout: (She doesn't get that - she can sew, so she can make me stuff. I want to have the personal satisfaction myself, y'know? Even if it's not perfect, at least *I* did it!)

We picked up 2 clothes patterns today - Easy Sew brand. (Or something like that - supposed to be SUPER simple, which is my speed.) I wish I could use my serger (but I kill it every time I try to use it), but I can pull out my sewing books and learn how to make pretty seams. :sigh: Hearth - Look what you've done! :lol:

I also bought a new quilt pattern.....with GOATS. :lol: I wasn't looking - the last time I looked for goats, specifically, nothing came up. Today, I was looking for Sheep (I have a sheep wall-hanging I did, and it's starting to get "old". I wanted a new one)....and found a bunch, and then the Goats popped up. Nubians, and Alpines, and Angoras, and and and....I am already planning the new hanging, and the pattern just got mailed out today! :lol:

In all seriousness, sewing is something I need to conquer. Home-sewed clothes last longer than the cheap crap you buy, and the colors are better suited to the wearer. The styles are more suitable, that I feel like I "get" my machine (I LOVE my White! They knew how to build 'em in the '50's!) I have the itch to USE it for "real" stuff. I can knit, and I can weave and spin...I NEED to be able to sew!

At least the quilted stuff has been good practice. I can do pretty straight seams now, and I can keep the tension even and the speed even, too. I've had plenty of practice with the seam ripper, too...:grin:

I need to cut the backing fabric and pin up the 4 placemats. I also need to go hunting for a pattern for RH, and the other Feast days - it's only right that I try to decorate for the REAL Festivals. I mean, I have patterns for Turkey-day, and St. Pat's day, and Chocolate day (Valentine's, if you want to be "real" :lol:) - so I really should put forth the effort to make Biblical Holiday ones. I've found a Passover hanging....but need to hunt for the others (and decide if a hanging of 10 squares with sashing is worth $40. :sigh:)
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