Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Channelling Holly Homemaker....

We're getting close to the Fall Feasts, and this year - instead of working myself up into a frenzy trying to get everything ready for them - I'm channelling Holly Homemaker and making - of all things! - placemats. Himself finished the last Sabbath mat yesterday, while I started a new set. :sigh: It's.....honestly? I seem to be obsessed - or was, until I finished this set. I even set up the machine this morning BEFORE breakfast......because I HAD to. :shrug: I'm also tidying up the school areas, and cleaning the kitchen, AND I'm eyeing the weaving room, which is a TOTAL disaster area. You honestly can't WALK in there right now, it's so cluttered. :sigh: I'm running with it, because I don't think it's hurting anything, and I'm being careful to not go overboard and short-change my kids, or their education. Hard when I'm obsessed with sewing teeny-tiny squares together.....

I'm in a quandry.....the Feasts start at the end of September. Do I go ahead and make plans for beyond that, or do I wait and to them later.....if we're still here? At the moment, I'm inclined to just wait and see - it won't hurt anything; with the programs I have it's pretty easy to set up a bunch of lesson plans at a time...and if the new Mac-based program goes live, it should be even easier. I've pretty much decided that we'll be on holiday from RH to the end of Sukkot anyway, so......meh.

SG made Mozzerella Wednesday night - we had it last night with ravioli. It was fantastic- I could get used to fresh cheese! I made Herself some facial soap yesterday - we'll see how it works. Coconut, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, and a little bit of clay (for slip). I forgot to add the tea tree oil - next time. This batch was made with looks good. Not quite ready to be cut yet - but it looks nice.

Not much else going on.....the heat wave "starts over" today. :sigh: Stupid clouds - we missed keeping the streak going by 3 lousy degrees. :mumble: (What? We made it within 1 day of tying the record. The LEAST we could have done was that...but no. We had to break the damn streak....and start over. :bangs head:)
Tags: blather, religion

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