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We got RAIN today!!!!! Not much, to be sure - but it RAINED!!!! Most of the day, too!!!!!!!! :happy dance: It also never made it above 90*!!!! (Don't ask about tomorrow - the forecast is for 105*. :sigh:)

We spent the day cleaning the music/game/homeschool supply room. My house.....the way it's set up, the first thing someone sees when they come in the door is the "formal living room" (the music room) and the "formal dining room" (the weaving room) - the entry hall has 2 6' openings on either side into both rooms. I love the floor plan - at least on paper. In real life....not so much.

Both of those rooms have been - basically - glorified storage areas since we moved in. Oh, I make attempts to clean and organize them - after all, they're the FIRST thing people see! - but.....when we need to put something somewhere, those are really the only 2 options. (The long-term plan is to convert the garage into MY space, for the loom, the wheels, the saddles, and my wool/yarn/fabric stashes. Can't do THAT until we set up a shop building for all of the power tools that currently reside in the garage - SG needs space. So do I...but his need trumps mine right now, since *my* stuff is in the house.)

The music room's problem was magnified by the furniture we had shoved in there - when we bought our bedroom set (off of CL - got a great deal!), it came with not only the complete bed and nightstands, but also a matching entertainment center. The whole set is real wood - a pretty golden oak, and it's relatively well-built. I don't allow TV's in bedrooms, so - by default - it went into the music room. I had the kids N64 in there, all our CD's, and the board games. It was fine...until we decided to homeschool. That necessitated a new bookcase for all the curriculum (5th - 12th grades; I don't believe in curriculum-hopping. Yes, I've had a few that didn't work out - but the CORE classes I chose and we will stick with. I can't afford to switch every time we hit a roadblock, like some people do. So far, Art has been the only thing I have switched - the Art set I bought originally came highly recommended; it's a GREAT set - but it simply DID NOT WORK for my not-artistic son. I tried....but he *had* the thought that he couldn't do art - and that set didn't help. I switched to ARTistic Pursuit, and he's never looked back. I could have kept the original set for Herself, who is VERY artistic, but I don't want to teach from 2 sets of curriculum. Ah, well....) Anyway - the music room was FULL, what with the piano, the bookcase, the entertainment center, the over-stuffed chair, the knick-knack shelf, the coat rack, my production wheel, the telescope, the 2 end tables from the living room that don't fit *there*, the 2 music stands, and the violins. (And even more stuffed before we moved the saddles out into the garage.) You could hardly walk in there! And CLUTTERED! Oy....

So. Today was the big clean and rearrange day. I had just decided to finally get rid of the entertainment center - the kids don't play the N64 anymore - when SG suggested we keep it, add shelves inside, and use it to keep all the HS stuff in. *lightbulb!* We had decided to donate the cheap bookcase...when it decided to fall apart. AH, well - it *was* cheap, after all. :lol: We cleaned, we jiggled the arrangement - and we finally have a room that looks really nice. We ended up keeping the N64 for now - the kids begged, and the TV fit on one of the end tables next to the now-bookcase, so.....We ended up buying a storage ottoman for the board games, and 2 new shelves for the center, but it looks good. (I'll take pictures when the room is actually finished tomorrow - SG insisted that the new shelves HAD to be stained to match. one's gonna see 'em, but whatever. So, they've been stained but have to dry. The books have been dumped in the center willy-nilly, but will be arranged properly tomorrow when the shelves go in. And I'll be able to put the experiment kits and other misc. stuff where they belong, once the books are put up.)

Next up: The weaving room. It's....bad. REALLY bad. There's stuff crammed in there so bad that you can't walk in there......and it's not just fiber stuff. Excess kitchen-stuff (since it's right off the kitchen, stuff tends to migrate), stuff that didn't fit in the music room, fiber, can barely see my loom (which is a MAJOR problem; my beloved loom is big. HUGE. It takes up most of the room......but I still need to have the bookcases in there (with my craft books), my yarn stash, the table looms (for the kids; I've tried the sell the LeClerc but have had NO bites on it, even though it's priced less than half of new), the sewing machine(s) (mine and Herself's).....and I don't know WHERE the fabric stash will go. :sigh: Something's gotta give.....I'd like to be able to actually WEAVE again! But until I GET more space, I have to deal with what I have...quite honestly, I've gotten rid of just about all the extraneous craft stuff. Except for the LeClerc, I *use* everything I have (the RH loom goes to demos, the Structo table loom is used for small projects that would have too much waste on the big loom, I've been sewing a LOT lately, as has Herself...OK, I guess I *could* get rid of the serger, but....I don't wanna. It works - as long as *I'm* not using it. :sigh: All of my wheels have a purpose, and I DO use them.....I haven't used the USM (knitting machine) yet, because I Do. Not. Have. Room. to set it up. I will - we even have a dedicated table for it - but I don't Right Now.) - I'm at the point that I don't want to get rid of any of it, because I can see a USE for it in the VERY near future (I think, pretty soon, hand-made clothes will be the norm. SG is bringing me his family treadle machine (something else I HAVE to find room for!) for in case we have electricity supply problems - don't laugh, it could - and may! - happen.)

THEN I have to tackle the Master Bedroom - since it's right off of the kitchen/breakfast nook, it's been the place the stuff on the table migrates to..........I love my house. I really do. But it wasn't really arranged in a way that would keep stuff where it belongs. :grin: (When people want to come over, we go into panic-cleaning mode, and everything ends up dumped in our bedroom, because we can close the door and no one sees it. It's time to take care of that....AFTER the weaving room. I can keep my door closed, but there IS no door on the weaving (or music) room. (Eventually, we want to put in French doors there...but that's WAY on the bottom of the list. Once the rooms are clean, I can keep them that way, and doors aren't really needed. :sigh:)

ANYWAY - Praise God it rained!!!!!!!!!!!!
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