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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy busy weekend....

now, with Photos! :lol: And rambling after - I'll do the pretty stuff first.

Let's see...first up, the Sabbath placemats we finished last week. I'm pretty chuffed with them:

I made 4 of these; Himself attached the border to one of them. It's not bad - it's a little wonky, but I LOVE it. I like how they turned out; the fabric goes with each other really well, IMO. And it goes with the wall-hanging, too.

This is what our Sabbath table looks like, before food. :lol: I like it - I like the soothing blues. It's pretty, and that was the whole point.

Moving on...

I spent all day Friday working on a blouse. I finished it yesterday gentle, it's my first REAL piece of clothing (I've made a LOT of SCA garb, but those don't count in my mind):

The collar's a little wonky, and my French seams need work,'s a blouse, it fits, and, best of all, SG likes it. :happy dance: I've already started blouse #2....

I'm probably the best-informed NON-sewer you've ever run across. See, husband #1 (may he rest in peace) was a professional costumer. While I only did hand-finish work for him (on the trip to deliver the costume, usually - he was very much the typical SCA costumer!), I absorbed a lot of info. French seams? Used on all ST: TNG officer uniforms. Serger? Used on "costumes" (Yes, there's a difference. Price being the major one; materials used being the other. Uniforms used the EXACT fabric the originals did, costumes used whatever JoAnn's had that was close. Don't ask....a uniform could take a couple of years to get done.) Top-stitching? Yup.

I KNOW what to do...but I've never done it. I don't understand all the stuff on the patterns......DH1 was very much a "the pattern is a suggestion only" sort of guy. He was THE go-to guy locally for authentic ST/Star Wars outfits......and that put food on the table a LOT when we were new parents. I'm grateful for the knowledge - I just wish I knew HOW to apply it!

The instructions for the collar suck.....while we were out yesterday we picked up a copy of the Reader's Digest Sewing Book. It has a whole chapter on collars...I'm going to read it today and try to absorb it so I can get blouse #2 done correctly. I LOVE this pattern - I mean, I ended up with 2 copies of it, because I grabbed it at Wally World ("Oooh! LOVE it! Gotta have it!"), then saw it at JoAnn's and had the same reaction. :lol: No other top pattern elicted that I want to do it right.

My husband has been hit by.......well, from all indications, it's Divine Intervention. A few years ago, I asked him about home-brewing - he's always hanging out at the Knights of the Brown Bottle exhibit at the Games, and I thought he'd be interested. He was...but not really. Not enough to spend $$ on a beginner's kit, anyway.

2 weeks ago, he came home all excited - he found a homebrew store not far from his office. He went....came home excited but not wanting to commit. "It's too expensive." he said. "For a *good* kit, it'll cost me $120. We can't afford that - so we'll wait until next year."

You need to understand - when he says "can't afford", he means it. We wait. This time, however.....the next day he was on YouTube every free moment, watching brewing videos, and making notes, and started talking about converting our refrigerator into a Kegerator. Ummm.....hon? What about "can't afford it?". He said "We can't - I'm just taking notes".

Only, I've LIVED this before - the overwhelming obsession with something. That's what I was seeing....and yesterday? We made a SPECIAL trip to buy the kit we "couldn't afford". (AFTER we stopped at Half Price - which also offers teacher's discounts to homeschoolers, BTW - where he informed me I could only get 2 books, because - sing it with me - "we can't afford this"). He ended up spending $200 on a custom brewing set-up....and we have 5 gallons of Indian Ale perking away in the bedroom right now.

Now, I'm not sure WHY he needs to know how to brew beer....but I'm not arguing. I'm serious about WHO it came from - I had the same obsession with the chickens (and I HATE chickens; they're dirty birds, and I can't stand them. I'm glad Herself loves them) and the goats (I spent HOURS on both critters researching the best breeds for what we wanted, finding breeders, figuring out how many we needed.......and the obsessive need didn't lift until we had committed to purchasing the critters.) The obsession is GONE - I mean, he still wants to brew, obviously, but the total disregard of everything NOT brewing related is gone. Like a light switch.......I'm telling you, I've lived this before. (Most recently, the sewing. Oi, the Sewing! :sigh:)

So, that's been our weekend. I'm getting ready to start a dairy goat wall-hanging (I don't want to tackle blouse #2 until I figure out a) the hemming foot on my machine and b) proper collar attachment. It might be a while.....) I also need to reboot the laundry.....
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