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Sewing help - for Hearth!

And anyone who wants to offer advice. I'm having problems with the collar of the blouse - on #1, I fudged it, but I'd like to get it right on this one. (Hearth, you've already read this, but I wanted to re-post it with photos to SHOW why I'm so confused. Your pictures help...but not with this, because the instructions don't have me sewing the bands together before attaching them to the blouse.)

I am totally confused on what the pattern wants me to do on the neckline. The deal is...the neckline is first off, weird. You've got that tab-keyhole-type thing in the front, and a curved back. I can deal with that - but the pattern wants you to face the neckline. (It's New Look #6937, if that helps). Let me type out what it says:

"You have cut out 4 front neck band sections and 2 back neck band sections. 2 Front and 1 back neck band will be referred to as facings" I understand *that*. I also understand the next part - "Apply interfacing to front and back neck band sections". I have fusible web; I cut it out and ironed it on to 1 complete neck section. The other neck section is unsewn and out of the way at the moment.

"Stitch center front seam......attach front neck band to back neck band" Got that. This next bit is the confusing (to me) part:

"With RIGHT sides together, pin band to garment matching centers and small dots, placing small dots blah blah blah. Stictch in a 3/8" seam blan blah blah. Layer seam. Press seam toward band." - my problem is HOW do I do it? The picture shows the interfacing facing OUT...which, if you have the right sides together, the interfacing is INSIDE the blouse. Also - the picture shows the interfacing sticking out OVER the neckline....but to get it to fit, you have to sew the neckline to the TOP of the neck band. :confused:

It continues "Stitch seams of band facing sections same as for band" (Got that. Also got the "stitch neckline and clip") "With RIGHT sides together, pin facing to band matching blah blah, having raw edges even. Stitch front and neck edge blah blah; layer seam, clip curves" (I get the layer seam's the pin and sew part that is confusing me.) "On INSIDE, pin pressed edge of facing over seam, placing pins on OUTSIDE. On OUTSIDE, top-stitch band close to seam catching in pressed edge of band facing on INSIDE. Remove pins as you come to them (oh, really? I can't leave 'em in??)"

I get the top stitching, even if I don't like how it looks (You come along in the next step and do 4 more rows, 1/4" apart. I didn't do it on blouse #1, and probably won't on #2, unless it needs it. I think it looks...tacky. :sigh:

I just can't visualize what it wants me to do. None of my books have this shaped neckline, to help me "see" what to do. I couldn't find any sites that had help for this pattern.....and I'm lost.

Here's some photos to show y'all what I'm dealing with here. First up, the body of the blouse. It's inside-out, obviously, and this is the front (see the tab-cut-out there?):

This is the faced neckline bit, all sew together. I have 1 more exactly like it, only without the interfacing:

And this is the pattern page with the oh-so-unhelpful picture of what it wants me to do:

Remember, it wants me to put the neck facing inside the blouse, with the right side towards the right side of the blouse. That would put the interfacing inside, facing each other once it's sewn. I *THINK* I"m supposed to sew the top of the neck to the blouse opening......because that's the only way the thing fits right to be sewn....but the picture shows the seam at the BOTTOM of the facing.....which makes no sense.

Any tips/tricks/cheats for this? I'm at the point I'm thinking about slapping the 2 necklines together, right sides in, and sewing them, then turning inside out and slapping them on the neckline...which won't look right or cover the raw neckline edge. On blouse #1, the neckline edge is still raw - even though I tried to follow the directions - I don't see that you ever flip the first facing over (maybe you do, and I'm just not seeing it.)

Wait - I just re-read it. On the part where it says "On INSIDE, pin pressed edge blah blah", it starts with a short little "Turn facing to INSIDE, press"...but I don't GET it. Is it asking me to sew along the top edge, with the right side together (inside the top, since I'm sewing it inside out right now), then FLIP the stupid interfacing to the wrong side? But do I attach the 2nd band?

I think it would work if I sewed the 2 neck bands together (right sides together, then flip), then put that seam over the raw edge of the neck and sew the bottom of the neck band on....only I have to figure out how to cover the 2 raw edges of the neckband if I do that...and make it look good. :sigh:

I'm sure this is something simple that I'm just not getting.


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