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Hot, hot, hot...


Previous Entry Hot, hot, hot... Aug. 28th, 2011 @ 07:05 am Next Entry
Still. The rain helped, but it's still dry and hot and icky. :sigh:

Yesterday was spent running around. Went back to the homebrew store - SG is now making hard apple cider, hard grape/peach...cider?, and hard black cherry/concord grape...cider. The beer has been transferred to the secondary.....jug and will be bottled next weekend. (It tasted like a weak, flat beer, so...I guess that's good? :grin:)

Sewing: Oh my gosh, I figured out what the stupid instructions meant! I made a sleeveless version yesterday, and I decided to ignore the written instructions, and go by the pictures. I have - here, look:

Sleeveless blouse

The collar is PERFECT - no wrinkles, no weird wonky-ness; the only problem is the inside neck seams - they have the body raw edges still showing. :bangs head:

The pictures clearly show that you sew the interfaced band (I didn't use interfacing) to the collar right-sides facing, with the WRONG side of the body facing you. You don't flip the collar so that it's upside-down (so that you can then flip it, hiding the seam inside when you're done), which is almost impossible anyway thanks to the pretty-but-funky curves the neckline has going on. No, you sew it flat, with the collar over the neckline. Then you sew the band on, right sides together, flip it, iron the crap out of the band (and turning under the raw edge of the band as you do so), then sew it down on the right side.

I did all that - and, like I say, the collar is perfect except for the inside neck edge. So - today I will do blouse #4 (and the last one from this pattern for the moment - I found one from McCall's that has the same "look", but a) no funky-but-pretty curves to deal with and b) MUCH better instructions. :lol: It's also tunic-length, which is what I wanted to begin with). I'm going to use Hearth's (and my mother's) instructions (sorta) - I will sew the 2 collars together, press under both raw edges, then sandwich the neckline and sew it down in 1 easy pass. The only drawback to this is the amount of pins I have to use - yesterday, the blouse looked like a porcupine! :lol: (Actually, there are 2 drawbacks to this - trying to catch both sides of the collar while sewing......I might have to breakdown and hand-sew it on first, which I am trying to get away from. :ponders:)

I'm also pondering if #4 will be sleeveless or not - I have white bias tape for the underams, but the collar is aqua-y blue. I need to see how that looks...I have enough fabric for sleeves if I decide to go that route. (The main fabric is a pale sorta-aqua blue and white check. I got it from the Nursery section.....it's light, it's breezy, it's just that I don't have enough white fabric to do a collar. :sigh:)

I did go back and zig-zag the raw edges (to help prevent ravelling)....but I don't like how it looks. The inside of a hand-sewn garment should look as nice as the outside (IMO - why else have hand-made clothes?)...and this doesn't. I guess I need to dig out the seger and get it cleaned up and running.....or see what other attachments my White has and try them out.

Ah, well - the upshot is that I have 3 new tops to wear (soon to be 4!), and they weren't that expensive. #3 here was made completely from stash fabrics, so it only cost me time and thread. (The collar was from the remnants of blouse #2 - gotta love that!)

Gotta go milk......goats don't wait!

Oh - for some reason, the dogs (Kenzie) have decided that the sofa tastes wonderful. So far, she's eaten 2 cushions (seriously, hole in the fabric and half the stuffing out) and 2 slipcovers. :sigh: SG is FINALLY upset with her - we can't afford a new sofa, and can't buy one anyway until we know she's over the puppy stage. So.....I shoved the destroyed stuffing back in the cushions and duct-taped 'em shut (shut up, what else could I do?), then duct-taped the hole in the BRAND NEW slipcover. (Yes, brand-new. She had destroyed the old one that was on the couch (thank the Lord it was the one-piece, and not one of my nice separate-seat ones!) so we ran out to Big Lots and bought an inexpensive (for slipcovers) new set. It lasted 36 hours.......) I don't know what to do with her......
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spin a yarn
Date:August 28th, 2011 03:38 pm (UTC)
Bias Tape: You can make your own, it's just diagonal strips of cloth that have been ironed into those shapes.

Hand sewing: Not that horrible. I spend a lot of time hand-sewing things in my garments. In fact, the new issue of Threads devoted pages to embroidery stitches instead of regular handstitches to finishing underlinings. If you want to go couture eventually, you will find yourself handsewing things more and more often. I gave up and am handsewing zippers now, fwiw - well, this is after my second needle broke and I decided sewing shouldn't involve possible shrapnel.

If the inside seam bothers you, you can: cut it with pinking shears, which is what you'd do if it was wool, or you can cover it with bias tape, or you can zig-zag over it. The only caveat is how bulky it is. I originally covered the raw edge of 7yo's shirt (remember the hot pink picture?) with a ribbon, and it was majorly bulky, so I cut the ribbon off and just left it trimmed and tight.

I *really* like the curved neckline on that blouse, btw. It's super flattering and feminine.
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Date:August 28th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Yeah, I LOVE the curved neckline - that's what attracted me to the pattern to begin with! Sort of a sweetheart neckline, which I LOVE.

I did go back on this one and zig-zag the edges (once I figured out how to get my machine to DO a zig-zag :lol:) It's still messy, but I can live with it.

#4 was a combination of everything. I did the "alligator mouth", then I ironed in the raw edges - IOW, I sorta made the collar into shaped bias tape. I couldn't get the 2 edges to line up right, so I sewed the inside first, then pinned the outside to hide the seamline from that, and stitched it down. Took FOREVER, but looks FANTASTIC.
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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:August 28th, 2011 03:38 pm (UTC)
since you have it handy you could duct tape her mouth shut..ha ha just kidding. sorta.
We are less dog friendly here though - when the dogs were allowed in the house it was only when a human being was actually watching them the whole time - otherwise crate or outside. unattended dogs (at least while they are young) always find trouble.
(spin a yarn)
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