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And.....we have a name!

A use name, anyway - still working on the registered name. Oh, you want to know what we're calling the little snot? *g*


It fits. I have tried and tried to stick Bree on him, but it didn't work. Junior sounds silly......I tried Finn, and it fits.

I told him, and he reared up and tried to kick me. *g* Little snot fits, too...but he won't be little for long.

He's figured out how to run without falling over. He can also scratch his head with his back hoof (he's talented!), we've figured out rearing, but we (like daddy) can't buck right. (Dusty never did learn how to buck - he can't do the "back legs off the ground and head down" routine. It's "back legs up in the air and forelegs, too!" instead. At 18, I don't think he'll ever figure it out*g*)

I've had the halter on him every night. He hates it, but he's getting used to it. He actually figured out how to walk around with it on today (it messes with his balance a bit...*g*) Next step - adding a lead rope. *That* should be a barrel of fun!
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