Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Gonna post this one early...

since our 'net has been dicey lately. Stupid SkyBeam - they promised us better and faster access than CenturyLink (who we were with), at a cheaper rate. Well, the rate's cheaper......but half the time we have NO 'net, and half the remaining time we have 'net, but at slower than dial-up speeds. The major problem with this? Is that we have no land-line now, except for the VoIP - which requires FAST, DSL-speeds for the phone to work. :sigh: I keep telling myself, it's OK - I'm home, I have a cell phone (except AT&T is having problems in our area; it's dropping a good 2/3 of my calls in the house right now.) It's not helping.

Work...still sucks. Was on the phone most of the day yesterday trying to fix an Invoice problem caused by the billing system. :bangs head: I am PART TIME, dammit! Leave me alone!!!! :sigh: I can't get the other contract done if I'm on the phone all the time with THIS one.

:deep breath:

Sewing: I'm letting it simmer while I do the contract stuff. I'm working on the wall-hanging off and on; 4 of the 5 goat blocks are quilted. I'm hoping to get it done this week so I can hang it.

Elul: The cleaning bug's still here. I spent time yesterday cleaning out my part of the closet. Got rid of 3 bags of clothes; 2 for donation and 1 for trash. Cleared up 40 clothes hangers.....these were mostly things that I had bought for work, but didn't love. Why keep them? I can sew now (even if not well, at least I feel like I *can* sew things, which is good), so I can make clothes that fit and look nice and suit me. Let someone else have the clothes I don't like.

Had to have a repairman out for our fridge yesterday. The icemaker's's gonna cost $350 + tax to repair. Which is OUTRAGEOUS, but what're you gonna do? We can't buy a new fridge for that (it's a 27 cf (I think - it's BIG) JennAir that we bought used a couple of years ago. The fridge is FANTASTIC...but it's an expensive model. Parts are overpriced. I need the space for all the eggs, cheese, milk, and normal foods that we keep. (We do have a garage fridge now.....but that's gonna be filled with homebrew this, not much room for dairy and eggs. :sigh:)(And the garage fridge doesn't have an icemaker - that's why we bought it. No need for ice/water in the garage - but we do need it in the house.)

Oh - Ali, Anna, here's something interesting: HebCal says that Elul started today. iCal says the same. According to my widget (moon phases), the New Moon was 2 days, 9 hours ago. (My Feast book matches up with the calendars), we have a "problem" if you go by the calendar vs. actual New Moon. :wink:

Gotta go rustle up breakfast - hope this posts!
Tags: blather, quilting, sewing

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