Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's been a Tuesday...

and I need a sweater. Stat! The high today - the HIGH - was 85*. That's been the morning LOW for MONTHS. The temp this AM for milking? 67*. :brrrrrr: I don't know how to cope with this - last week, it was 103*! I'm gonna freeze to death, aren't I? (I'm only half joking. It was COLD this morning, comparatively speaking!)

The weather was SO nice, we went for a walk. A 2 mile walk. My right foot is OK - a little tender, but OK. My left foot - well, I should have stayed home. :owowowowowowowowowowowowowowow: It's currently wrapped with vet wrap, and has been elevated off and on all day. The walk was nice, except for that - the kids brought home a horse apple for Dusty, who decided it was worth giving up his nap for. :lol:

We finished studying Byzantium last week; yesterday in Art Appreciation, we covered Byzantine Mosaics. Today, we made mosaic coasters. It was fun, but MESSY. I got the kit from Dick Blick; 12 coasters for $39. Nice, but....not a lot of color choices in the glass. Still, we have 12 (hopefully) pretty coasters drying.

Herself is making a cake right now. :scratches head: I'm not sure why she's suddenly in the baking mode - but hey, I'm not arguing. Cake! (or cookies, her favorite thing to do).

Yesterday the milk room got totally scrubbed down, the machine got all new gaskets (we wanted to replace the valves, too, but can't find any locally. Ah, well). The Master Bath got a good scrubbing, too. All that's left to do Elul-wise in the house is the Master Bedroom (and the kids' rooms/bathroom...but that's THEIR responsibility) (The garage got cleaned and rearranged Saturday AM, so that we could tetris-in the new-to-us Refrigerator)

I got the shorts sewn up correctly yesterday, just need to hem them and sew in the cuff. The denim is a little heavy, but they'll make nice barn-wear. :nods: Due to the temp change, I want to find some sweatshirt fabric and make me some new sweatpants - I LIVE in them in the Fall/Winter.

Oh! I bought the kids each a LookBook (from eBay, of course) - a cheapie color ereader. The first one arrived DOA - but the seller is nice, and told me to ship it back and I'll get my $$$ (including shipping!) back. :sigh: I'm waiting on the 2nd one to arrive before I decide to replace it (I need 2. Can't get 1 kid something and not get the other the equivalent. It just won't work). At least they were both under $50 - so I don't feel bad that they're kinda cheaply made. (Why color? Because some of the free ebooks I have have lovely illustrations - and look better on my Nook than they do on the B&W Kobos. The Kobos will be donated once we replace them - they're nice e-readers, but I think we'll get more use out of color ones (Herself uses hers to keep track of her crochet patterns. Color would help her a LOT.)

Gotta go check the coasters!
Tags: blather, homeschool, sewing

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