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I don't know how much more of Herself I can take. I *KNOW* keeping her home is the right thing to do. I KNOW High School is a BAD idea for her. I KNOW she'll blossom here at home, working at her pace.

But I can NOT take another day of meltdowns and arguments and back-talk. I simply can't. :deep breath:

Today? Math. Himself had requested Monday that I not read the History lesson to them - he said he can't keep up with the info when I read it; he'd rather read it himself. Fair enough. So, he reads History while she does Math, and vice-versa (I read History to her Monday...but not today. I couldn't).

She's on Ch. 4 - Introduction to Algebra. I open the textbook - and she says "This is stupid. I HATE this." I tell her - gently - too bad, we have to do math, and this is it. I start reading - this section is on variables. ie: This rectangle's height can be expressed by "h", and the length by "l". To find the area, you'd say "h x l". "I KNOW THAT. This is stupid." :sigh: OK... moving on "Suppose the length is 5 and the height is 3. How would you solve the equation?" "I don't know - this is STUPID. I'm not going to do it!" wash, rinse, repeat. (The answer, of course, is 15. In case you don't remember your algebra.)

We moved on. "How would you find the perimeter?" "I don't KNOW or CARE." :sigh: I told her too bad, we had to get this done, and started explaining: "OK. How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle?" After a few arguments, she grudgingly told me to add the length and height, and multiply by 2. (Well, not really - she said "You add length + length + height + height", but that's close enough.) I said, OK - how would I write it using variables? "I DON'T CARE - this is STUPID" :bangs head:

When I started to explain ("P = 2Lx2H), I got told "I already KNOW this. Leave me alone!" (I think there was a "shut up" in there, too.) So, I said "FINE. Do the assignment, then, since you already know all this."

That led to a 20 minute meltdown. :bangs head: There were 19 problems - she missed 10. And they were EASY. I mean here: Find the value of 3a + 4b, when a=1/3 and b=1/2. Her answer? 32. :WHA??: (The correct answer is 3; 3* 1/3 = 1 and 4 * 1/2 = 2; 1 + 2 = 3)

I asked her HOW she figured the answer was 32.....and she told me "When I don't know the answer, or want to figure it out, I just put down random numbers."....with the attitude that it was the correct thing to do. No wonder she was failing math!!!!!! :boggle:

I don't know how much more of this I can take - it's not just Math. I handed her the History text...she spent 3 minutes on the first page and claimed she was done. When I confronted her, I got a "HMPFFFFFFFF" and a grudging page turn.

It's been like this all week.....and every day's been a little worse. I can't take much more of this.......and I don't know what to do about it. And now? Now she's all sweetness and light, and "I'm sorry about this morning. Let me play on the computer now." ( Just...NO.) She also tried the "I won't do it again"....but she said that Monday, and Tuesday......:sigh:

Sorry for the vent, but DAMN - I'm fed up. (Himself? Doesn't do this. He'll throw a fit once in a while (writing tended to set him off, but I switched to "The 5 Finger Paragraph" and he's WRITING now. It' - but nothing like this. He complains, yes - today's math (and Friday's) was a Review - he's at the very end of 6B. I want to be sure he *gets* math before moving on to the Middle/High School sequence (which is what Herself is in). Today's Review had 50 problems; I told him today was odd only; Friday he'd do the even ones of a different review. He gave me the big sigh, but then hunkered down and started working. (He got an 81 on it; most of the errors were simple addition - he got in a rush to get finished.) I didn't get any "This is stupid!"...I got one "Mom, I KNOW how to do all these!", but it wasn't a complaint, it was simply a statement.)

UPDATE ON CYNTHIA'S MOM: She's been transferred to a private room, but she had a BIG regression last night. She has a bladder infection, but is allergic to the medication they gave her. They pulled her off of it...and didn't give her anything else. She's running a fever (102*), and was delirious this AM. I had been wanting to post a positive today - the stroke caused no physical delays, just speech, and she was doing well...but now she's not. Please keep the prayers coming - even if it's just that she passes easily. (And that's hard to write...but she's 90, and I'd like her to not suffer. Healing would be great, of course...but if that's not His will, then...well........)
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