Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Weekend Recap....

Does anyone else noticing the "cram as much as possible" thang that seems to be going on? Because our weekends are getting filled up with all sorts of stuff - most of it unplanned!

Friday: I decided we needed to "punch up" our Sabbath meal. I'd been doing a loaf of challah each week; this week I let the breadmaker do the dough, and I turned it into cloverleaf dinner rolls. Served with beef stir-fry, it was *fantastic*. I also decided to use REAL plates - see, since about April we've been using paper plates for every meal, because of the water situation.......I already run the dishwasher at least 1x/day. Adding dinnerware to the load would add at LEAST 1 extra cycle/day (and the dishwasher uses less water than I do that's a no-brainer). I decided it would be nice to use the Fiestaware Friday evenings, and my fine China on Feast days. 1 extra load/week isn't going to affect the water usage that much, so - why not?

Saturday: SG and the kids totally cleaned out the doe barn, while I tidied the house. We ran out for lunch, then decided to go joy riding. It was *nice* - 2 hours just exploring the county roads. We discovered a horse-racing track not too far from us that was gearing up for a meet - that might be fun to go back to!. We also noticed that a good 25% - 35% of the homes we saw had for sale signs - that's not a good thing. We also saw a lot of apparently abandoned homes.......that's a sad reflection on our times.

I trimmed 4 does - had to stop because I got a blister on TOP of a blister. :ow: Not good - I have 20 more does to do! (Plus the bucks, but they STINK right now. They'll have to wait until after rutting season.)

Today: Did school, since I have to work tomorrow. Himself did really well - he understands Prime Factorization, he understands Index notation - so, he's set. Herself finally *got* how to write algebraic equations - so THAT's good!

SG spent the day slapping up a quick shelter for the bucklings - we HAD to get them out of the doe area. Dewey and Rosa are in heat, and we really don't need any "oops" kids this year. (I haven't seen either one of them show any interest, but that doesn't mean anything.) I helped him get the fence kid-proof and get the rough shelter up - he wants to build a *real* barn - and got 2 corner posts in - but that's going to take too much money and time right now. I pulled 2 pallets over for the sides, and we used some wooden crate sides for the top and back, and voila! Instant buckling shelter! It's ugly, but it works, and that's the whole point. Won't stand up to a storm - but there's NOTHING in the long-range forecast to worry about. :sigh:

I have blisters on my right hand, I tore up my left hand on the fence, and I twisted my left ankle twice. :sigh: But we got a lot done, and that's the important thing.

I'm off to take something for my foot - I'll need Benedryl later, but I can put up with the itchies right now. I gotta get some pain relief!
Tags: blather, country life, homeschool

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