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Quick photo post

I just realized I hadn't posted the finished goat wall-quilt. I need to remedy that......:lol:

I have 2 almost identical shots of the quilt - one is slightly blurry, but shows the whole thing; the other is better, but didn't catch all of the binding. Ah, well - I used my cell phone instead of the "real" camera, get what you get.

I'm happy with how it turned out. It makes me happy - which is the whole point of decorating, right? Herself told me this AM that the fabric I picked for the "Risky" block was just PERFECT for Risky - it "looks just like her!" (Risky is the Nubian with the white band around her middle. The actual Risky *does* have the band, but she has small "flea-bites" in it. Close enough! She's also moon-spotted, which the fabric isn't,'s a good likeness. :lol:)

I JUST got off the phone with the office Again. This is getting silly........:blah:

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