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Homeschoolers - have a link!

We're doing Singapore Math. When you get past the elementary books (excuse me - Primary books :snerk:), you get 2 choices - NEM, or DM. (New Elementary Mathematics, or Discovering Mathematics). Both sets cover the same things, but in different orders/levels of difficulty. I chose DM, because it "looks" more friendly - which Herself needed. (By the time you finish all 4 levels (8 books), you're ready for Calculus. It's an integrated curriculum - you don't do Algebra, then Algebra 2, then Geometry, etc - you do it all at the same time, as it "makes sense". No chance of forgetting something that you need later this way. :grin:)

Anyway. Singapore recommends that you download a program called "Geometer's Sketchpad". I looked at it....$69.95 for a SINGLE copy. You can get a "student's" version for $29.95....not sure it has everything, but still - you can put it on 3 computers, but you can only use it on 1 at a time.

I need to be able to use it on 2 at a time - I can foresee a time when both kids will be at a point that they both need it.....but I can't afford $60 (or $140!)

I joined the Singapore forums (for a different reason - I'm trying to find a schedule for DM's in the Teacher's Guide, but I can't spend $30/guide - there's 2/year. $60 PER YEAR for the guide. I...there's 4 years....$240 for the teacher's manuals, just for schedules. Can't do that!) - someone mentioned Geogebra as a substitute for Geometer's Sketchpad.

I checked it out - it's FREE. From what I understand, some of the commands are different, but - FREE. Unlimited use, from what I can tell - I have it on my MacBook, on the kids' mini-Mac, and a portable copy on my external harddrive.

Himself's been playing with it this morning - said it's "Cool! When do we get to use it?" :lol:

I don't know if any of y'all'll need this, but I was happy to find it! (And, if you need a scientific calculator, Wal-Mart has TI ones for UNDER $20. They have the more expensive ones, too - but these have everything we need. Just wanted to pass that one on, too!)

Gotta go start school - we start at 9 now, to give Herself's meds time to work.

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