Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

In a better mood today....

after a bunch of WEIRD dreams. None I can remember fully; they were just really, really odd. George Ure (whom I've NEVER met!) featured in one of them....not sure *why* - my subconscious is really messed up, I guess. :lol:

Anyway, someone :wink: left a comment about Lot having time to pack, and reminded me about Noah. That helped! Plus, it reminded me that the Hebrews had all their stuff - especially critters! - in Goshen during the "Trib-lite" (10 Plagues).

I asked myself yesterday, if we got hit by a fire, and my kids and critters were GUARANTEED safe, what would I go back in for? The only thing? Seriously - the ONLY thing! Was my AA Norwegian Saxony. Not so much because I value *it* over anything else...but because it's the smallest and lightest and easiest carried of all my wheels. If I couldn't go back for anything, well - it's not *mine* to begin with. The Lord provided me with *this* house, and *this* plot of land - He'll take care of me. :nods: Sometimes I just need to be reminded of this....

And, guys - I'm kinda thinking we *might* get to keep stuff....because I have been strongly urged to stock up on fabric, I have been gifted a LOT of sewing thread/patterns/stuff recently *out of the blue*, and I keep being pointed at stuff to buy that if we're not here, I don't need. Some of it is silly, true, like the 2 really CHEAP color e-readers for the kids (Chanukah prezzies!) (I got them for $40 EACH, which is ridiculously cheap!) - some of it's more useful (like the software I found free yesterday AM.) Granted, I might be acquiring it for someone else - and today, I'm OK with it. Mostly. :lol: (Although that doesn't explain the bra pattern I HAD to have.........I....whatever. I have it. :lol:)

Now if someone could explain my sudden NEED for a sliderule.........(yeah. I HAVE to find a sliderule. Think Geek has one for $9.99.....I'm gonna look at the checkbook after we hit the store today. I can't explain this...but I know that I HAVE to have one. :shrug: I've already got manuals and instructions for it........)

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