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Ugh....lovely weekend

So, I have officially killed my icemaker. It hasn't made ice since mid-March; the repairman and I finally connected the first part of July, and he replaced the "guts" of still isn't making ice. So, a different repairman came out seems the compressor for the freezer is going out. The top of the freezer is nice and cold, the bottom....isn't. Lovely. A compressor has been ordered....let's hope this works so I don't have to deal with Sears again to get this thing totally replaced!

Wrist is still painful...

Got Herself signed up for the next season of Ballet. They had the grand opening of the new studio today - it is very nice. This hick town keeps surprizing me, although this shouldn't have. The owner/teacher was a very successful dancer before she got married and came back home to teach. Still, I didn't expect such a classy studio in this town.

Tried to knit....wasn't successful. Too painful. 3 Advil later, it still hurt, so it's back in the van. I'll try again tomorrow.

Had an idea for the SS class tomorrow - we have been discussing Creation. 4 year olds have some interesting ideas about the whole creation thing.... Anyway, instead of the "usual" let's make a book about it thing, I am going to gather up a bunch of stuff and see if they can tell me what people made and what God made. It gives me an excuse to introduce them to Angora fluff, clean *colored* wool, cotton bolls, llama......

Must go dance - Himself is trying to put the tape in.
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