Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

My dog, the drama queen....

We accomplished 1 big thing yesterday - the 3 girl dogs all got baths. Snips was easy - Herself gives her a bath at least 1x/month. Kenzie...had never had a bath, and it took SG's help to get her clean. Bree.....had had at least 1 bath in the past year......when she was a more realistic size. Now? She's HUGE, and.....well, won't fit in the tub any more.

So, we took her outside.

Cast of characters:

Me - groggy from lack of sleep, little brain-power
SG - our hero; the designated dog-holder
Herself - go'fer; designated holder of the shampoo
Bree - the star of the show. Very dirty.

The scene: Front yard. Bree was wearing a very nice designer harness (from PetSmart; very chic and thinning!), with a non-matching lead. Humans were in various outfits consisting of shorts and t-shirts. Also present were the water hose, a bucket, and a bottle of shampoo.

I was manning the hose. We had put the nozzle on it, so that we wouldn't have to be constantly turning the water on and off; I had it set to "mist". The hose had been in the sun, so the water wasn't arctic - but it wasn't Sahara, either. A little on the warm side, but not too hot. Bree wasn't sure about the whole idea - why was Daddy holding her by the harness, instead of the lead, and why was Mom pointing the hose-thing at her?

Then the water hit.

OH. My. Goodness! You'd have thought we were using Death-water - she yelped, and she screamed, and she whined, and she jumped (poor SG - he ended up having to straddle her like a horse...remember, she's an Irish Wolfhound. Her back is right at 32"....and she was JUMPING. :snicker:) We all got soaked - SG worst of all.

It took all 3 of us to slather on the shampoo. It took a bucket to rinse - she didn't yelp when that water hit her (I guess the bucket neutralized the Death-water), but I had to use the hose to get all the suds out. DEATH-WATER, people! It burns and stings! :lol:

The Death-water took so much of her strength that she needed to sleep the rest of the day. :lol: Poor thing - baths are evil! She smells - and looks! - much better now, though! She dried to a nice, light wheaten - she'd been looking very dark and tawny. Still nice, but not as nice as now.

We're planning on doing baths monthly, weather-permitting (should we be here, of course). We'll load 'em all up after and take them out somewhere, so that they will associate baths with fun-stuff.
I dunno, though - Death-water shouldn't be taken lightly. :nods: and :rofl:

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