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We headed into Town yesterday -there was a "community-wide" garage sale near SG's work. The garage sale stank - mostly junk, nothing we were interested in, and a bit trashy - But! We were in Town, I needed Taco seasoning, and hey, lookie there, Penzey's! :lol: (I prefer Penzey's spices. 'Nuff said.)

So, we hit Penzey's.....I went in for Taco seasoning. $35 later, I had my taco seasoning (yes, I remembered!) AND some Maharaja Curry, some.....other stuff for curry, and a recipe for "Easy Curry Chicken". Seems my husband LOVES curried chicken, and my "add pats of butter, a couple shakes of Sweet Curry powder, bake at 350* for 45 minutes" wasn't quite what he had in mind. So...tonight I get to attempt REAL curried chicken. :gulp: The spices smell good, so...we'll see (I've never had real curry. This should be interesting!)

We then hit Woodcrafter's for some carving stuff for Herself, then the BIG Half-Price (I scored a copy of Medieval Courtly Love! and Beowulf!), then Toys R Us (SG wants an action figure of his "City of Heroes" character...whatever!), JoAnn's (where I got a huge embroidery hoop for quilting - SG will put legs on it for me!), and a Hobby shop before grabbing lunch at Campisi's (BEST pizza EVER. Here, anyway!)

We left the house at 8 home at 4 PM. My foot is KILLING me, but we had fun.

Today, SG has torn apart the kitchen - apparently it wasn't clean enough. Hey - at least *I* am not doing it! :lol: I need to do some work-work, and I need to get the next term's lesson plans squared away. I have next week's set up....but that's it. I need to sit down and plan out thru the end of the year....and beyond, maybe. I like the print-and-go aspect, even if it's a pain to plan out that far ahead.

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