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Monday musings....

Woke up from a weird dream last night. Don't remember the details, just that I was given a choice - I don't even remember WHAT the choice was. Odd. But it got me thinking...

RH has passed. We're still here (OK, I haven't heard from Anna, but - seeing's how I haven't read/seen/heard anything about people missing - not huge groups, but individuals - I think I can safely assume we're here, and The Bridegroom tarries.)....and I've been doing a lot of introspection. Yes, the Days of Awe are about Introspection...but this year it's *real*.

What if.....the Awakening Shout wasn't/isn't the Rapture-as-the-church-teaches, but something else? Maybe an internal awakening that SOMETHING is about to happen? I have to say that I don't see many people aware of what's going on in the world, especially not in relation to prophecy.....

And, what if the Rapture ISN'T what the church has been preaching? I did some digging last year, and it seems that Ratct didn't come into...being, I guess, until the mid-1800s. I'm wondering if it's not another deception...

Now, believers WILL be kept out of the Wrath - Messiah promised. The Israelites were kept out of the Plagues, Noah was kept out of the Flood-waters, Lot was kept out of the destruction of Sodam and Gamorrah.....but NONE of them were removed from the world. And...none of the protection was Instant - Noah had been building the Ark for years, the Hebrews had lived in Goshen for, well, ever :lol:....OK, Lot left quickly, but not in a big, huge, showy way - the way that the Ratct would be. (Think about it...if the entire chrischun church suddenly vanished, that would draw attention, yes? In a big way, right? :wink:) Lot ran, under cover of darkness if I remember correctly - NOT in a huge caravan, laughing at all the suckers that were going to get fire and brimstone showers.

So.....I'm thinking that maybe believers aren't going to be teleported out.....but they WILL be protected. I've seen that happen before - when we were building this house, I prayed that it wouldn't rain. Himself is asthmatic, and mold/mildew is a trigger. Water damage is a bad thing.

Well, from the time the lumber was delivered to the time the roof was finished there was NO RAIN in a circular area about a 1 mile radius from my house. The super told me one day that he didn't even bother to check on my site any more - it would be storming all around until he took my exit, and it was like there was an invisible umbrella centered over my house. The day the masons came out to brick, after the roof was on? Monsoon. Heavy, heavy rain for a couple of days - I guess to catch-up on what was Divinely held off. :nods:

Is that going to be the case? I dunno. Believers might still be whisked out - but it doesn't matter, really. I have a hard time with the Ratct, to be honest - I can't wrap my brain around it - but He's in control, not me. (And I've said that before; this isn't me grasping at straws or anything.)

That SOMETHING is going to happen, and soon, I have no doubt. I know that RH is the next Feast that needs fulfillment.....what if it was, but we didn't see it? It IS the "Day No Man Knows", after all - what if *that* was a clue, as well? It's the only Feast celebrated at the DARK of the moon......I don't know where I'm going with this. Just.....I'm looking at YK now, and I have a feeling that we might be surprised at what happens then.

Lots of thoughts running around this real coherency, either.

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