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MORE balloons...

This is getting quite *weird*, guys!

I have a friend - he was a friend of DH #1 - who is a folk singer. About the time Himself was born (2000), he came out with a cassette tape, and I happily threw money at him for a copy. When DH #1 was killed, one of the tracks literally carried me thru the first horrible months of grief - in fact, I just about killed the tape playing that 1 track over and over and over and over.......

Anyway. Since 2004, or so, I've been begging him for a CD of it - I told him I didn't care about the quality, I just wanted to be able to play the songs again - especially that one. Every year, he tells me that the tracks *have* been digitized, and they have the capability of burning CDs, but they just haven't gotten around to it. No biggie, I don't NEED a CD, right?

Guess what I got in the mail today, totally out of the blue??????

Yup - a CD of "Of Unicorns and Elven Kings" by Bearhugger McClain. (To hear "my" song, go here and click on "Unicorn Song". To this day I STILL break down in tears when I hear's not a sad song, but it has some of the most moving (to me) lyrics I've ever heard. :wipes tears from eyes: (Especially "and one day I'd stand with Him to welcome you home". And now I'm crying again. Happy tears, though, now.)

To say I'm all teary-eyed and feeling blessed would be an understatement.

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