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I have GOT to stop!


Previous Entry I have GOT to stop! Oct. 5th, 2011 @ 04:09 pm Next Entry
I decided to find someone I could pay to print out the Torah Class books - the Teacher's Guide is 165 pages, and the Student edition is 352, and my li'l ol inkjet would go on strike if I tried to print them out here. The "local" office supply store (1 town over) was the cheapest - $0.06/page - so I emailed the Teacher's editon, but the Student one was too large, so we took it to them.

While we waited, we decided to walk around the downtown area....where there is a cheesy used book store. They don't have a *lot* of books, relatively speaking, but....well, they have even less now. :giggle:

I found 2 quilting books, 3 sci-fi/fantasy for Herself, and 4 homeschooling books - 1 of which is the DK "Encyclopedia of History" that normally sold for $49.99. I got it for a measly $8. :happy dance:

I HAVE to quit visiting book stores, I really do. I don't need any more books - but this one is a GREAT supplement to our History text. Photos and a timeline....and it's the one that is recommended in "The Well-Trained Mind" - how could I leave it to a horrid fate? :lol:

I gotta go start punching holes - I have 1 Teacher's Edition and 2 Student Editions to get spiral-ized. (And all 3 only cost me $50, with tax. Not bad for what I got!)

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