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Random thoughts...


Previous Entry Random thoughts... Mar. 10th, 2005 @ 01:05 pm Next Entry
Finn is growing like a weed. He actually fought me yesterday after I had put the halter on him - I refused to let go, so he now knows that you can't get your way every time. I think he forgave me - I was allowed to gently scritch his rump this AM when I did the morning feed. We'll see how he feels tonight...

Himself will soon have 2 new complete peasant outfits. I managed to cut out 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts, and pin the first seams. Herself will have a new chemise (same as his shirts, only slightly fuller.) Tonight I'll cut out a skirt for her....and maybe lay out the fabric for a skirt for me. We'll see....

Haven't touched the loom - I'm waiting for more Shetland Roving so I'll have enough. I'm 6" into it, and I only have 3 bobbins of yarn left. *sigh* Not enough, by any means. 'sOK, though - I am making an artistic change - I will do 1 treadling repeat in the natural color every 6" or so, so you can see the pattern.*g* It'll also help hide any color differences, I hope.

I''m almost done spinning the roving I had at NTIF. Need to get that done so I can wash it all, then knit the willie warmer and tam for my Clan Keith cousin. *g*

Herself is going to Grannie's for Spring Break next week. I need to figure out how to tell Himself that he's staying home.....hmmm. He'll get to help with Finn more - she's too rowdy and scares him; Himself is much calmer and doesn't "attack" when he wants to pet. Maybe telling him *he* gets to pick the TV/Movie we watch every evening will do the trick.

Back to the salt mines - the 1120S is due next Tuesday. Must get cracking!
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