Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

More Frustration....

OK, so I got all the blocks cut out for our bedroom quilt. (Midnight Jewels, if you wanna google. I'm pissed at the pattern, so I'm not linking) I sat down about an hour ago and started marking up the blocks (it has you cut out 6 blocks of colors A,C, and 12 blocks of E. You pin them right sides together, mark the diagonal, the stitch 1/4" from the mark, then slice the 2 new squares apart). I'm cruising along, humming happily.....the instructions say "Make 12 A/E units, 12 C/E units and 44 B/E units"

Umm...WHAT? The CUTTING instructions told me to cut *6* A and C, and 12 E, and 22 B and E (smaller block) - I, wanting to end up with a larger quilt, doubled all the numbers (I didn't expect to use all of the resulting blocks on the quilt itself; I was going to use the extras to make matching pillowcases)....

Since I had doubled the squares, I will end up with just enough blocks to make the quilt AS-IS. :bangs head: (It says the finished quilt is 50 1/2" x 70 1/2".....not quite large enough to cover our queen-sized bed. I want to cover the bed, so....I gotta add blocks. :shrug:)

I've emailed the company (Kaufmann fabrics).....and I'm grumpy. It took FOREVER to cut out all these I have to cut even MORE out. :sigh:

I think I'll make up what I have, and see how large it actually ends up after it's assembled. I *might* get lucky and not have to cut any more out for the top itself (but I would still like matching pillowcases.....) :grumble:

I wish people would proof their patterns before publishing them - even free ones! This is frustrating! (If I had cut only what the instructions said, I'd HAVE to cut out more blocks just to get the size the pattern claims it is. :grump:)

EDIT: And [profile] ghislainedel has pointed out my blondeness today: this DOES work, because each sqare ends up making *2* blocks, because I sew 'em together along the diagonal and then slice the 2 new squares apart along that line :doh!:

Some days it's not worth getting out of bed.....I swear!

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