Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Whee! happened. I got there a little "late" - at 8:15 instead of 8 (I usually get there at 7 on my Mondays, and it takes EVERY bit of that extra hour to get the stupid stuff done), but no biggie- I had all the checks done before Ms. boss got there. I had also tracked down half of the $$ I was off on the Invoices (they hired 2 new guys, but neglected to TELL ME, so....yeah. I kinda need to know there's new people, especially if those new people want to be PAID. :snerk:)

Anyway.....Ms. boss signed the checks, then told me to cut myself a check, too. :blink: Granted, it wasn't a lot of money, but I was extremely grateful AND surprised.

Half of it's already been spent on prezzies for the kids. :grin: The other half? I'm thinking I need another lap quilt project. :nods: For later - MUCH later. :lol:

It was a good mail day, too - back in June I had donated some funds to (go read it - seriously. My state is ALL kinds of screwed up!), because if you made a minimum donation, you got a "free" sci-fi sketch by J. Ho - a really talented artist. I, being a major Star Wars fan, donated, then requested an Obi-Wan from the Clone Wars series. Got him It's impressive. (Go here and scroll down to see my lovely sketch. I gotta get a matte and frame for it now!)

I also got a quilt pattern for Feasts. At first, I wanted to get a specific one for each Feast, but.....the only Passover one I could find (from the same site) is...well.....stupid; I can't find one for RH or YK or I figure this one is a good choice. I got some quilt templates, too - Celtic knots, naturally. :grin:

And, we got our copy of "Beowulf". We're still waiting on the Odyssey, but that's OK. We're not done with the Illiad yet, so it's all good.

Knit-wise, I've been busy. Saturday, SG bought me some Alpaca/silk fingering weight yarns (he was feeling a little guilty about his latest beer kit.....:lol:), and I CO a pair of celtic-knot patterned fingerless gloves. (On Ravelry, look for "Black Forest Gloves" - or "Braided Fingerless Gloves" - the file is named one thing, but the pattern prints out the other. Weirdness.) He also bought me a "sock kit" (ie. Big honking skein of yarn with coordinated heel and toe reinforcement). Unfortunately, he spent as much on yarn as he did on beer-making stuffs - that was NOT supposed to happen! (Seriously - I had NO intention of spending that much money on something I can make myself. Ah, well...)

I think that's all....I'm gonna try to get back to the Quilt tomorrow after school. I need time to lay everything out so I can do the smaller blocks - until I get the blocks finished I don't want to take photos, 'cause it's Boring. :grin:

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