Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I LOVE balloons.....

don't you? So bright, and festive, and fun - and usually unexpected. :grin:

Today we went to the State Fair. LOTS of walking, some spending - good times. The lady at the gate told us how we could get in for 1/3 of the general admission price ($16/person - YIKES!), so we walked 1 block to the gas station, bought 4 Cokes, dumped the drink, and got in for $5/person. Yes, we thanked her profusely!

Then we went to lunch. Our favorite local Mom-n-Pop place recently moved a little further out of town, and bought some property with acreage. And fencing. Last week, the owner was taking down said fencing, and I - being me - asked him what he wanted to do with the lovely cattle panels he was stacking up. He said, well, he didn't need them - did we?

Today we talked to him again, I ran to the bank, and we now own 31 16' cattle panels (the ones with 4" x 4" blocks, that are selling for $25+) and 10 or 15 partial panels (most of which are a good 12' long)....for $15 EACH. He only charged us for 35 full panels.......AND he's going to deliver them this weekend. :bounce:

You have NO idea - we are slowly replacing ALL of our fencing with cattle panels and wooden posts. We've been buying 2 panels and 8 posts at a time - that does 2 sections...but this will let us get ALL the goat areas DONE (well, once we acquire the wooden posts - I've asked for guidance. He gave me the panels, after all - I'm sure He'll come thru with the posts, too!)

I had to take the money out of savings, which does bother me - but we just couldn't pass this up. Even on CraigsList they've been going for $15 - but never in LARGE batches like this. (That's 496' of fencing, plus the pieces. That's......the 2 paddocks are 300' long each, for reference.) We'll need more to do the entire property, but for now this is FANTASTIC - the goats will be properly contained.

I need to get the table cleared off so I can get back to work on my quilt...maybe. First pitch is at there may not be much quilting going on. :grin: (Why, yes - I AM a Rangers fan. Have been since Nolan Ryan was pitching. Went dormant after he retired, but when he bid on the team, I got back behind them. I LOVE that they've won the championship both years he's been the owner....I REALLY want them to win the Series for him. I'm all hoarse from cheering the boys last night - my kids think I'm nuts. I don't care - Hamilton NEEDED me to tell him to keep running. :lol:)

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