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I did it!

I managed to cut out a skirt for moi - and finally, finally! - I got it cut in 2 pieces, instead of 4. It's a full circle skirt, and I've been doing it in quarters - but tonight, I did *something* and it worked! Can I do it again? Who knows.....*g*

So, the tally for tomorrow (so far) is: 2 boy shirts, 2 boy pants, 2 girl skirts, 1 girl chemise, 2 adult skirts (the first one is in *5* pieces...*sigh* I miscut one...oh, well). If I get the gumption, I will cut a couple more skirts out for me, but we'll see.

I need to cut 2 kids cloaks out...but that may wait. The weather is nice - this weekend. Plus, next week Herself is being shipped off to Grannie's, so she doesn't get to go to the Ren Faire. Ha. She'll just have to hope we go another weekend during this season.
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