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Random Ramblings...


Previous Entry Random Ramblings... Oct. 21st, 2011 @ 06:19 am Next Entry
1. ANNA (and other watchers) - have you seen this?? Umm....don't think it's legal, not that *that* means anything any more.

2. An educational video site, with contributors including MIT. I haven't done a lot of browsing yet, but wanted to get it out there.

3. In the same vein, here's a site with free piano lessons. I can't vouch for the quality of the teaching, but it's someplace to start, anyway.

4. HOW 'BOUT THEM RANGERS?!!!! :grin: *FANTASTIC* game last night, and they're home for the next 3 games. :bounce:

5. Our weekend just got scheduled. Since we have all these lovely cattle panels, we needed to find some fence posts. My main problem? SG wanted everything to "look the same" - since he did the back of the buck pen with 5", 8' tall round wooden posts, that's what he wants for the rest of the property. Do you have *any* idea how expensive that is? :sigh: $12/post, and we need 5 posts for every panel. (3 in the ground, 2 on top). So...I hit Craigslist. And I hit the jackpot - a guy had 75 8' tall, 5.5" round CEDAR posts...for $6.50. SG bought 60 of them.

Yes, *60*. We're going out there tomorrow to pay, and the guy said he'd deliver them since we bought most of what he had left. It'll only do 12 panels (if I've calculated correctly), but that'll do the buckling fence and the doe fence (not the whole pen, but the "outside" fence), and maybe finish the back of the buck pen. Although I'd rather re-do the FRONT of the buck pen...but that's minor.

6. There is no #6. I just wanted to have 7 points.

7. I'm not sure WHAT is going on, here - I know the Jews asked for a reprieve, and received it. I know we're in a waiting mode.....and I know that we keep getting blessed with things we need. It's humbling...and odd. We need hay - that's tentatively on the docket for next weekend, should He tarry longer.

Gotta get suited up for milking - yesterday it was in the 30's, today it's 50*. THIS is more "normal" Fall weather.......but it's a *cold* 50. Supposed to be chilly and WET for the 3 WS games here......fun stuff. :grin:

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Date:October 21st, 2011 01:20 pm (UTC)
AFAIK, #1 is not legal. The FRTs still say on them "legal for all debts public and private"

And while IANAL, I don't believe the state can interfere in private transactions between individuals.

There's a semi-legal work-round whereby the seller sells a small item (a pen is a common choice here) for the price of the "unsaleable" item, then gives the buyer the item as a gift.

e.g. You pay Craig List $390 for a very nice *Brand New* Sharpie, and he drops off 60 8' tall, 5.5" round cedar posts at your place because "he doesn't need them and you look like you do".

I know people who'll give me a free bottle of mead if I buy a pen from them. Though now I brew my own mead, so I don't tend to see them all that often. One guy gets pens custom printed so they really are new and not something he picked up at Staples and is reselling.
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Date:October 21st, 2011 01:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah - I can't see how it's legal at all - but it's interesting. And I want to keep an eye on it, to see how it plays out.

I can see it forcing a "black market" barter society, if it stands. You can't *tax* barter - yet - and you can't prove it, either. I mean, I *gave* you the mead, and you *gave* me enough money to buy a pen. Or - a better analogy would be that you *gave* me a pen, and I, seeing that you were thirsty, gave you a case or 2 or 3 of mead. (Please help - I've got 2 cases of generic Stout aging in the bedroom, 5 gallons of Shiner Bock clone lagering in the primary in the fridge, and he JUST brought home the grains for a Fat Tire clone. Ummm........I don't know WHERE we're gonna put all the beer! (Nor do I know how we'll bottle it all - we have enough empty bottles - maybe - for the Shiner. I guess he's gonna have to up the consuming. :lol: And I'm not counting the hard ciders in various bottles......)
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Date:October 21st, 2011 02:13 pm (UTC)
There's always been a black market. Some of it is trade in stolen property. Some of it is trade in extra-legal trade in restricted items (e.g. firearms, or liquor during Prohibition). There was a massive black market for food in the UK during and after WWII when rationing was in force.

The government doesn't like this because (a) money is changing hands without benefit of sales tax and (b) people are breaking the law.

But there's a difference between a black market and a barter economy. With barter, there is no monetary exchange. It's a swap of goods or goods and services. The government still doesn't like it because it still feels it's out it's share of the transaction. Some examples:

You have an excess of cashmere, I have an excess of hay. I swap you an agreed amount of hay in exchange for an agreed amount of cashmere. The actual $ value of the two items might not be equal, but if you and I both agree that X amount of hay is a fair exchange for Y amount of cashmere, then it's all good.

Except to the government who'd like us both to pay sales tax on what we "sold".

Similarly, you have a prize-winning ram. I have a small flock of say, 1/2 dozen ewes. We agree that your ram can visit with my ewes for a spell and in exchange you'll get your pick of the resultant lambs. Exactly how many lambs you get could be dependent on how many are born and successfully weaned -- but it would be a mutually acceptable arrangement.

Again: no sales tax on the lambs. Not sure if there's a tax on stud fees -- but if there was, it wouldn't be being paid.

Another example: Charlie has a very large garden and wants to grow veggies. He can't manage the care and maintenance of it all by himself, so he hires Janet to come in once or twice a week and help with the work in exchange for a share of the produce.

Technically, Janet's employed by Charlie, but he's not paying income tax on wages he's not getting, and Charlie's not paying any of the employers' taxes. Janet's also getting "free" produce which has not been taxed, inspected, or irradiated, or whatever else the government can do to it.

Susan needs someone to fix her car's transmission. Jim does the work, Susan pays for the parts and gives Jim a big screen TV (that she doesn't use and he wants) in exchange for his work.

No income tax, and possibly, if Jim's not a licenced mechanic, no licence fees to the government.

So you can see why the government doesn't like either... However, the more it tries to control people, the more they'll get creative about evading regulations.
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Date:October 21st, 2011 03:12 pm (UTC)
IANAL = internet abbreviation for "I am not a lawyer", a useful disclaimer.
(spin a yarn)
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