Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Something I've been thinking on today....

I've had people tell me (NOT lately - in the past) that I can't say that God "blessed" me if I had to pay for stuff. :blink: It seems to be prevalent that if you don't get that bright, shiny, new THING, for free, then you aren't worthy of a Blessing (or even of being called a good chrischun!)

That's just...Not Right.

NOwhere in Scripture does it say that Yah will simply hand you every little thing your heart desires. He didn't do that for David - David had to FIGHT for his crown *after* he was promised it! Noah had to personally build the Ark - Yah didn't snap His fingers and *poof*! There it was! Nope, Noah had to toil for years to build the Ark that would be his promised protection. The Hebrews had to toil in slavery for 400 years before Moses led them out of Egypt...and they *did* suffer and "pay" for their redemption. (Slavery, y'all. They didn't become His people - as He promised Abram they would! - with no work.)

:shakes head: No, I KNOW He has blessed us with the things He's provided. Yes, *we* had to pay for them - but. It wasn't impossible for us to pay for them (not that *that* would have bothered Him - He could have arranged it so that we got them free if it fit His plan; it doesn't bother me. *We* have funds - at the moment - and it's only right we don't try to freeload. Or so I feel.) AND we got the panels and the posts at absolutely Fantastic prices.

Just like our goats - our Nubians were WAY under-priced. However, we couldn't have afforded them if they'd been full-priced....and He wanted us to have them.

I hate, hate HATE those preachers that say that God *wants* you to have a Mercedes. Or a McMansion. Or lots of bling. :sigh: "Prosperity" gospel ISN'T Scriptural.

We have already received the BEST gift of all - Yeshua. Anything else Yah gives us is just icing. (or balloons :giggle:)

Shalom Shabbat! I have calzone in the fridge, ready to pop in the oven....see ya on the flip side (should we be here :wink:)

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