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Blessings abounding.....


Previous Entry Blessings abounding..... Oct. 27th, 2011 @ 12:59 pm Next Entry
1. It's been raining off and on all morning. We desperately need the rain, so this is a HUGE blessing! It's cool, too - not humid, which is how it usually is - and the day is just, well - perfect. If you like English-type weather. (Which I do)

2. SG took out a distribution from his IRA, and the check arrived Monday. He wants to get all his credit cards paid off - which I agree; I HATE credit cards with a passion and haven't had any since 2003 - and was able to pay 3 of them off so far (there is a hold on part of the check; bank policy). Good timing...

3. Because we ran out of hay this morning. SG was not aware of this; I wasn't either until milking. SG called me about 10, asking if I wanted to get hay this weekend, or next. I, of course, voted on THIS weekend, so he called our hay man. Prices have gone up $1/bale (which is NOTHING, compared to how much horse hay has gone up!), and, oh by the way, he can deliver TODAY. :huzzah:

Of course, there's always a spanner in the works - we had to run to the bank to get cash to pay for the hay. I thought all the dogs were outside, so I closed our bedroom doors. Seems Ms. TooStupidToLive (aka Kenzie) was asleep under the bed (because I certainly didn't see her)....and, while we were gone (no more than 45 minutes) she.....decided to EAT Himself's Nintendo DS (they're kept in our room to keep the kids from playing them all night long. :sigh:)

It's trashed. Dead. And I KNOW who the culprit was, no question. :sigh:

At least we know who's been tearing stuff up - and it isn't MY dog. :weak grin:

Gotta get back to work - 2 of the 3 companies are done, but the 3rd one's the biggest. Better get cracking!

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