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Houston, we have Hay....


Previous Entry Houston, we have Hay.... Oct. 27th, 2011 @ 04:35 pm Next Entry
117 bales, to be exact. We ordered 100....but the guys got a little "toss happy" and, ummm, over-loaded the trailer. I waffled for exactly 30 seconds, asked if they'd take a check for the difference, and took all of it.

Why not? The goats'll eat it all up anyway...and I'd rather pay $6/bale instead of whatever he'll be asking come Spring. (Well, $7 with delivery, but we *could* have rented a flatbed and moved it all ourselves, so......we came out ahead. The trailer would have cost us $75, and we'd'a had to load, unload, and stack all the bales, and get the trailer BACK at the rental place, all before 1 PM on Saturday. Worth the $1/bale to me to NOT have to do all that!)

We also have new goat coats ordered. I have enough, right now, for all the dairy girls except Risky. And the doelings, but they get dog sweaters this year, and I have - I think - plenty of those. They're starting to shiver every morning on the stands, so I had to do something. (Spoiled? MY goats? How dare you even ask - of COURSE they're spoiled! :lol:) The best place I've found to get them is here - they make them custom, the prices are reasonable, and the quality is good - last year's coats look just as good as new! (They also sell on eBay a little cheaper, but.....:shrug: I prefer to order direct. Last year I specified the colors; this year I'm letting them pick. I just....can't decide on more colors. :lol: So much for each goat having their own color! :rofl:)

I'm SO. Tired! Game 6 is tonight (I hope!) - GO RANGERS!!!!!

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