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It's Anna's fault....


Previous Entry It's Anna's fault.... Oct. 30th, 2011 @ 06:39 pm Next Entry
really. :giggle: She posted yesterday about a find she made - Shalom Sesame. Basically, Sesame Street teaches Hebrew/Jewish traditions.

At first, I was sad - my 2 are "too old" for Sesame Street. Herself is 14 (OK, maturity-wise, she *might* be 7, but still) and Himself is 11 (going on 30). *I* like the muppets, and I enjoy watching older episodes, but....I wasn't sure I could get them to watch - not sure enough to spend the $$ for it, anyway.

Then Ali said she and her son had watched some of the episodes on You Tube.....huh. I went off to search.......it's cute. It's cuddly. And Itzhak Perlman was on the introductory episode. :hugs: (He's been my violin-hero since...well, since I was in 7th grade and got to see him live. He's AMAZING!)

So...I made an executive decision and ordered the complete DVD set from MovieMarz on eBay. :lol: I figure, *I'll* watch it; if the kids want to join in, fine, if not - well, I'll be reinforcing my Rosetta Stone. Which I have been ignoring lately....I just don't feel like I can take the time to sit and *do* it - I need to get over that, because I can't learn a foreign language without SOME effort. :sigh: (I became proactive yesterday - I have the RS "playlist" in my iTunes, so while I was working yesterday I had it playing softly in my headphones. I figure, if I can have the TV on in the background and still be able to tell SG what happened, the RS playlist should be even better. Even if I don't KNOW that I know it, when I hear/see it next time I go into RS, it should make it easier on me. That's the theory, anyway.)

So, Anna - Thanks! (Seriously - thanks!) This should help *me* get Hebrew into my brain.

And, in exchange - another link for you: Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop. She's got quite a few free downloads - we'll be doing her "Viking Voyages" this week, since that's where we are History-wise. She's got games, and buildables - and she has an English Curriculum that I'm looking hard at. "Excavating English"...it looks fantastic; the download is under $15...and I keep coming back to it. We'll see.....Her stuff looks solid, and fun.

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