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So tired...`

Himself and I had a pleasant evening without Herself last night. It was quiet and peaceful.....he did say this AM that he missed her "a little. Not much, Mama - she's mean." *g* ~She's not really "mean" just....hard to live with unmedicated. I can't give her the pill until right before we leave at 6, or it won't last all day at school/daycare. ~

Finn is a friendly snot. If it's just me, he'll come on up for skritches and nuzzles. If Himself is with me, it takes a few minutes, but Himself is quiet and moves slowly - Finn soon comes up for sniffles. (Herself simply can NOT walk and be quiet. Ah, well) We'll be moving Erynne and Finn home next Sunday...this should be fun!

My neighbor is supposed to run more wire for me - we'll see. I can't do it - even with the tractor, it's too much for my wrists - and it has to be done to keep the li'l snot in where he belongs. I'll nag R. tonight or tomorrow.

Dusty is still in the backyard. He's got it maybe 1/4 mowed.....hope he was hungry today! (And I hope the stupid dawgs left him alone. They just don't learn!)

Tonight, Himself and I are hitting Dairy Queen, then will play with Finn. I got his cloak cut out and pinned last night (wool lining and wool-blend outside), just have to sew it up. It's a nice half-circle cloak that reaches his heels. He should be able to wear it for a few years. Next project: Herself's cloak. Have to wait until she gets home, though, so I can get the proper measurements.

Four Winds this weekend. Himself is very exicited about it - Herself is a bit upset she's not going, but I promised we'd go again this season. Should be fun!
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