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Finally Friday!

:whew: Spent the morning arguing with Herself.....yesterday, we discussed the changes I am making in History. Today, after school, I made her organize her binder (I have to supervise, or it doesn't get done.). She had 3 weeks worth of papers just jammed in there - and hey, lookie! Her current History notebook pages, UNcut and UNglued, in the back. And she had the audacity to COMPLAIN about me ditching the notebook????? :bangs head:

We also found her current (ie, just completed) Science notebook - also undone. Which explains the 50 she made on the test. (In all fairness, I must point out that Himself did not do HIS Science notebook, either....but he managed to eek out a 70 on his current test. :sigh:)

Oh, the histronics!

I had to go in and revamp my lesson plans - I now have a specific day set aside next chapter to verify that the Science notebooks are completed, and they WILL be graded on them. (Yes, I know I don't have to grade. BUT. Both kids are still sorta in the PS mindset, and - at the moment - grades matter. So...they get graded.) We had a long talk about how the State and the local ISD has the right to ask to see their current work...and if they came in today, I'd have to show them what? NOTHING. Because both of them refused to do what they were asked to do.


Also, reason #1,347 that I love my husband: I've been sick all week. Today is really the first day I have been nausea-free (mostly). Last night, SG came home and noticed that the house was...well.....kind of a disaster. See, when I came home I decided that the house and the schooling were now my Job. I've been keeping up with both - pretty much - but this week, I only had the stamina to do 1, and school won.

So. SG took a look around last night, and put his foot down. The kids have had chores - of course! - which they HAVE been doing, but they've been minimal (MY fault! Again, I felt that the house was MY job, not theirs). Both have areas they have to keep vacuumed and mopped, plus their rooms; Himself has to unload the dishwasher and Herself has to load it. (You'd think we were forcing them - well, Herself - to do slave labor, but honestly? That's it. Laundry is mostly me, because I do all the laundry on the same day and hang it out, and Himself isn't quite tall enough to hang all his own clothes. Easier to just dump it in with ours and separate it as I hang it. Plus, if left to themselves, Herself would NEVER have clean clothes. It's just a fact of life, living with an Aspie. My Aspie, anyway.)

As of today, they've taken over the complete care of their respective areas. For Himself, it's the kitchen/dining/laundry room + entry hall; for Herself, it's the entire Living Room and hallway. They share the upkeep of their bathroom and the music room. This includes dusting, wiping down the cabinets/woodwork.

Today went well...but I can see MAJOR problems (with Herself) down the road. :sigh: Aspies HATE change in took MONTHS for her to decide that vacuuming the living room was OK. This isn't going to be fun....but hey! The house looks *great* right now! :grin:

There's a lot of interesting dates coming for prophecy watchers......and some interesting "sky" events. Things are sure getting interesting!

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