Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Weekend Woes.....

This weekend has been weird, all over. Yesterday....a lot of bluster, but not a lot of completion. The kids got the milk room cleaned (more on that in a minute), but that's about it.

We ran to our vet, and got blocked by the receptionist. I...dunno what's up with her. We requested a bottle of Lute - she had no clue. I explained - we use it to abort our goats when a buck manages to wiggle into the doe pen. She got ALL indignant - "OH. HE won't DO that. You can cause uterine infections from that! No, he won't sell you THAT."

Ummm.......we're at 12 days post exposure. We're not talking full-term kids, here - we're talking a small mass of cells that have JUST started to divide (if that - we don't even know FOR SURE that Trouble actually *bred* any body). Uterine infections? Not this early.

So, we went across the street to the vet I don't like. HE had NO problem selling us 2 bottles of Lute - he asked us what we were gonna do with it; SG started to stutter, so I stepped in "2 ccs per doe, just to be sure of no cross-breeds; we can either re-do 2ccs in 11 days to "force" a cycle, or we can wait for it to occur naturally" and he said "Hey - I'll sell ya 2 bottles, 20 bottles, whatever - just decide how many ya want." Totally an odd experience - at BOTH vets.

We then spent the next hour luting the doe herd. EVERYBODY but the 2 doelings got popped....ever tried to medicate 1 goat out of 16? Not as easy as you'd think, because ALL of them wanted some of whatever the current patient was getting. :sigh:

So. Today. Himself and I go out to milk. Annie is an angel - no problems with the clean milkroom. Zorra FREAKED out - the milkstand! It's not *hers* (they mixed up Annie's and hers. No biggie, you'd think. You'd be wrong...)! Inara freaked out because the door! It was ~partially closed~!!! And the stand! It had a.....mat...on it!!!!

Long story short - Zorra wrenched my arm in the battle to get her on the stand. She did win that one - I ended up milking her on the floor. Inara ended up on the stand, just because I can shove her with my knees. Risky got on the stand, all right....then proceeded to kick of the inflations because I didn't get there before she decided she was done (I was removing coats from the other goats). :sigh:

SG is currently putting up more fence; the kids are finishing up school. (I have to work tomorrow, so - school today.)

SG is off Mon/Tues/Wed. Wed I knew about - there's some issues with his house he has to deal with - but Mon/Tues was a bonus. We'll see how it goes...:lol:

Off to try and rest - I think Zorra tore some scar tissue in my elbow. :sigh: I have a headache, and my Dad is coming out at 2....I need to rest a bit. Aspirin hasn't helped yet.....

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