Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. Tired. Again.

No sleep last night, and today's been go-go-go. :sigh:

Himself broke his glasses today, so we had to schedule a stop at LensCrafters. Good thing - his new lenses were in. Bad thing - we had to purchase frames, since we *hadn't* last week; we were going to use the current ones. :sigh: Still, he now has new glasses.

I don't. They sent my lenses....and the tech...well, he says they made them wrong. *I* think he mis-cut them; whatever, he had to order new ones (he'll get them to "overnight" them, he said), and I *should* have new glasses Thursday.

SG finally spent some of his distribution on a toy - he now has a PS3. He and Himself are setting it up now....whatever. I don't mind video games...and he got a good price. :shrug: We'll see how it goes.....

As a "thank you", he bought me a set of size 5s and 2 skeins of sock yarn. :giggle: The needles are needed for my cardigan - the size 5s I have are too short, and my shortest circs are too long. (The 5s are for the ribbing - don't need them for long, but the current needles hurt to use, and the circs are annoying. Ah, well......needles are never wasted.)

We got our Shalom Sesame today - so I know what we'll be watching tomorrow! Sometime....we have to go to SG's aunt's for a bit. We did 2 days worth of school today in prep for it...

The Asteroid is due to come closet to Earth in 20 minutes or so. Should be interesting....

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