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Guys, I LOVE my husband, I do. And I love it when he's home and spending time with me/us....but. He's been off the past 3 days. Monday, I had to work.....but the moment I got home it was "Let's go to the store. And to buy you a late lunch. And to the Post Office!" because...I guess he didn't want to run around with the kids (or, you know, work on the fence. The reason he was OFF to begin with. :snicker:)

Yesterday, it was raining, so fencing was out, and we HAD to go get Himself's glasses fixed. So...yeah, I didn't mind the running around, even though I was dead tired.

Today...we had to go to his aunt's. *I* knew it would take all day - he didn't. Yeah. We left at 7:30 and JUST got home. I'm exhausted.....and we still didn't get all the errands run (my glasses. They still aren't in. Let me show you my rage.......:bangs head:)

We took his aunt out to lunch, then hit Wal-Mart and GameStop. We were hoping they would honor the warranty on Himself's DS......but no. See, the warranty only covers stuff they can actually *fix*...and Kenzie totally destroyed his DS. warranty. We ended up NOT replacing it - he decided that he really doesn't play it much anyway, and he'd rather have some shiny new games for our new-to-us PS3. (Herself is totally upset over this, because now she can't trade characters in her games. Or something. I honestly don't know....*I* don't play! Although SG is trying to change that - he bought Oblivion (or something) - a non-online WoW-type game. We'll see.....)

:sigh: I love him to death, but I would like to STAY HOME with him, y'know? I'm probably going to have to go out tomorrow to get my glasses (I HOPE - my old ones have been giving me headaches, which is why I went to the doctor....and they're getting worse. So.....yeah, I kinda need the new ones!)

In Other News: Something's up. I dunno what....but last night I HAD to find the first 2 Life of Fred books (Decimals and Fractions). HAD to. Not "wanted" to - this was an overwhelming MUST. I did get a good deal on both books...but I hadn't planned on picking them up yet; not until I knew that Beginning Algebra was working for Herself (even used the books are $15+.......I really don't like paying that much for a book. Especially when I don't know if it'll "click" or not, y'know?) I still have a slight urge to get the last 3 (or is it 4?) books, but it's not at the point of being forced to do it. Weird. :shrug:

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