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Need male-type advice

but it's not for me, per se, but Himself. Of the many reasons I hate being a single mom, answering his male phisiology questions has to be #1 on the list.

So, tonight I get him in the tub. I go off to give him privacy...but he gets quiet, so I have to go back in to check on him (I do NOT want a repeat of his "peepee art" phase!). He is sitting in the tub, smooshing his scrotum, with a perplexed look on his 5 year old face.

"What's up?" I ask...dreading the answer, but, you know, you gotta ask.

"What are these balls?" he asks in a very perturbed voice.

"Errrr - that's your scrotum. It's part of your penis" I venture, hesitantly.

"Huh. Why are they squishy?"

Ummmmmmmm - I dunno. And that's what I told him. I also told him to ask his Uncle James or his Papaw or Grandpa. It'll be a bit before he sees any of them,

I gotta ask - how does one answer this type of question? I mean, I'm not equipped with the same equipment (and he asked why that was, too......) so I don't have the, ummm, first-hand experience to properly answer these types of questions.

I mean, Dusty has been happy to demonstrate some things (like the "proper" stance to keep your feet dry), but I have a feeling he'd get a bit perturbed if we started squishing his balls in some sort of demonstration attempt. *g* There's only so much a horse can take, y'know?

(And I really hate to see the kinds of spam I'm gonna get for this one!)
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