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Some days....

It's not worth getting out of bed. Went to LensCrafters yesterday....I SWEAR, they're like the Keystone Cops or something. Friday, SG had harrassed them until FINALLY, at 7, they said my lenses were in, and IN the frames, ready for pick-up. (They were supposed to call *me* at 4:30....yeah, that worked out well.)

So. Yesterday we were there when they opened. My glasses were ready, all right.....SINGLE-vision lenses. :bangs head: Turns out the guy who "helped" us - after ALL the discussion of if my chosen frames would work with progressive lenses - said I wanted Single Vision lenses. :bangs head:

The manager "graciously" comped us the difference in price ($177!!!!), and gave me "temporary" lenses. Um. I was supposed to come home with basic, no-frills (NO anti-glare, for example, which isn't a frill) progressive; I came home with the same damn lenses that were in them to begin with.

Which give me headaches.

I can't tell if it's from the glare, or the prescription. :sigh:

I'm back in my old glasses, which ALSO give me headaches (because the prescription is old, and doesn't work as well)......and I was up all night, I guess from frustration. I don't like spending almost $300 for glasses *I CAN'T WEAR*. Even if they did supposedly order the "correct" lenses....which I have my doubts.

So. Cranky fiberaddict is CRANKY, and head-achy and in a rotten mood - and it's only 5:30 AM. Today is going to be all kinds of fun, isn't it?

We did salvage something of the day - we spent the hour and a half waiting for my temporary lenses at Half-Price. Didn't score much, but I got a couple of homeschooling books ("The Well-Educated Mind" and "A Family's Journey of Homeschooling"...both of which kinda suck, but oh well.) a knitting book (also sucks....turns out there's only 1 pattern I might knit...but Herself liked the book. What do you do?) and a book on Irish Wolfhounds. Came home to a good mail-day: got 2 of the 3 "Life of Fred" books. I read "Fractions" last night; think it'll help Herself. I hope, anyway.

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