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Crafty Wednesday...

Last night was spent crafting. It's....been a while. Anyway...

Last year, I got the bug that we *needed* an electric/battery-operated menorah for our front window. Tradition says your Hanukkah menorah needs to be seen by passer-by; kinda hard when it's on the dining table in the *back* of the house. (And open flames + clumsy dogs + curtains =/= a good idea. Hence the battery-operated/electric aspect) I asked SG, he told me "No", so I dropped it.

Until this year, when I got the bug again. This time, I went ahead and bought on on eBay.....which was the wrong thing to do. The Lord wanted me to ASK SG about, 2 hours after I purchased it I got an email saying "Sorry - your menorah is broken, it was the last one, here's your money back." :sigh:

I confessed to SG, who said it was fine to buy one this year....only I couldn't *find* one I a) liked and b) was willing to spend that much money on. So...what to do?

Yesterday we ended up at JoAnn's. I got 10 battery-operated tea lights (I wanted tapers, but at $5.49/2 I just...couldn't do that. These were 8 for $9.99 an 2 for $2.49), 9 votive holders, and a tube of E-6000 craft glue. Total cost: $24.60. :wince: (Could have been worse)

Got home, scrounged up a 30" long board and a 3" scrap. Primed it all, then painted it...then glued the whole mess together.

Voila: My battery-operated window Menorah:

Electric Hanukkah menorah

You could do this even cheaper if you don't have dogs that like to destroy things. Toilet paper tubes would make good "sticks" (Kenzie would EAT that. Seriously) Paint 'em, glue them together, shove in the tea light, and there ya go. Or, you could crochet/knit "cups" to put them in.

I've also had the desire to knit a couple of kippah lately. SG agreed to wear one for the Feasts, as did Himself....and I have cotton yarn and a pattern. :lol: There's actually more patterns for crocheted one out there, but I don't crochet, so I'll make do with the 1 pattern I found.

I have more photos I need to post - Herself has been BUSY. LOTS of crochet stuff.....

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